A step ahead

The future of visualization

Up to date

Pioneering Web technology

HTML5 turns every browser-based device into an HMI – now and in the future

SVG enables outstanding quality of display at every zoom level

Javascript as the basis for efficient data communication and flexible expandability

Efficient control

Multifunctional visualization software

Each M1 control as a central server for the visualization, parallel access from any number of clients over HTTP/HTTPS

Perfect graphics paired with gesture control and the highest update rates make for an unbeatable visualization package

Object orientation as the basis for efficient engineering, durable and standardized technologies to protect investments

Outstanding display

Tailored for the Web

Modern gesture control with high-quality PCAP multi-touch variants

Optimal design with wide angles, strong colors and high brightness

Optimally prepared with high-performance browsers and simple configuration

Extremely robust with industrial components and no moving parts

7": 800 × 480, 10.1": 1280 × 800, 15.6": 1920 × 1080

Touch screen: analog-resistive touch or PCAP multi-touch

Processor and main memory

Mass storage: 4GB eMMC, optional CFast card

Up to 2× RJ45 for redundancy solutions

2× USB 2.0

Operating temperature of 0–60°C

Upgradable embedded Linux operating system

Customer-specific adaptations available

Optimal integration

Control, visualization software and HMI hardware

OT1200 mit M1 webMI pro

OT1200 with M1 webMI pro

Server directly integrated in M1 control

Efficient engineering based on M1 data

Guaranteed functionality from a single source

OT1200 mit atvise

1200 with atvise

Consolidation of several M1 controls

Visualization of data from an external control

No additional hardware costs

OT1300 mit atvise SCADA

OT1300 with atvise SCADA

Comprehensive, integrated SCADA solution

SCADA server and visualization on one device

Access to data from any number of controls, e.g. via OPC UA

Next generation

The future is safe with Web technologies

Get a customized HMI application for your company