With the launch of atvise® bundles, Bachmann electronic combined modern web panels and atvise® visualization software into one, complete machine and plant solution. Alongside the best-in-class OPC UA support from atvise®, atvise® connect now adds native integration for 3rd-party PLCs or via Modbus TCP. Further new features include an improved look and feel, as well as update rights to new, equivalent atvise® versions.

With atvise® bundles, the HMI device simultaneously performs as a web visualization server and client. Additional (mobile) devices can be easily connected via HTTP or HTTPS. A variety of hardware options are available, from inexpensive 7” to high-performance 21.5" panel PCs, and modern visualization software improves value for money. The released software updates also maximize security for panel PCs running on Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2019 LTSC or Linux.

The coordinated visualization package includes Bachmann’s industrial browser, specially designed for industrial applications with an in-built, onscreen keyboard optimized and tested for 24/7 operation. Users receive a single-source, holistic solution pre-installed on their hardware. An integrated atvise® object library increases engineering efficiency and reduces time-to-market with features such as object-orientated engineering, data historization and a versatile chart component.

“Our atvise® bundles are delivered with fully-featured visualization software, offering a high degree of data integration flexibility,” says Heinz Roth, Product Manager at Bachmann. “With the complete package, our customers get a single, competent contact for all their visualization needs. Our experts are also happy to support development tasks or undertake entire projects”.