"We are saving the human race."

...not on our own, of course, but the statement certainly captures the extent our ambition when it comes to climate change.

 We have positioned ourselves within the ranks of those committed to tackling this significant and urgent humanitarian concern.

 Alongside Nobel laureates in Physics, many other organizations are also currently striving towards the same goal. For example, the GWEC (Global Wind Energy Council), with its direct connection to global politics and its representatives, will demonstrate the steps required to generate momentum at COP26 (26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties). As an active partner in GWEC-COP26, Bachmann is proud to contribute with targeted and effective technological solutions.

Involvement in the GWEC-COP26 community is only part of our contribution: For more than 50 years we have produced automation solutions that conserve resources, reduce emissions, and guarantee longevity and sustainability. We have achieved this under the strictest quality- and eco-certification requirements, ensuring that our solutions offer long-term security far into the future.

With our commitment to continuous technological development, we have long been established as a global market leader in renewable energies, especially in wind. And we are currently focused on expanding our expertise in maritime and industrial sectors. Our experience ensures that we are at home wherever the going gets rough for automation solutions and failure is not an option.

We don’t call ourselves a green-tech company, we are Bachmann. And we stand by qualities that should apply to all organizations worldwide: 
Our Competence. Our Responsibility.

Bernhard Zangerl
CEO Bachmann electronic