The tasks of an automation system go far beyond the mere processing of hardware channels and associated controls. The restriction to programming in IEC61131-3 languages may also be questioned. What remains is the demand for determinism and real-time capability for the control of processes.

The Modular Concept

Modular hardware and software

For maximum flexibility

Web-based Visualization

For the perfect overview


For seamless cloud connection


For smooth inter-process communication

The M1 automation system supports a modular approach for hardware and software alike. Software modules can be programmed in C or C++ if required and executed parallel along side PLC applications. Bachmann already offers a wide range of function modules, for example for the execution of a server for web-based visualizations or the connection to the cloud via MQTT. Inter-process communication takes place via SVI (Standard Variable Interface) or SMI (Standard Method Interface). Multiple users can transfer their applications to the same CPU simultaneously and also debug them. The system provides full access to the file system and thus to all modules and their configurations.

M1 Steuerungssystem