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03.09.2015 | Neuigkeiten, Pressemitteilungen

Career springboard apprenticeship

Six new apprentices at Bachmann

Apprenticeship as career springboard - Bachmann welcomed four electronics and two operating logistics apprentices in the beginning of September: Jonas Walser, Laurin Lang, Josua Egle, Laurin Simma, Carmen Bertel and Nikolai Aberer (from left to right)

As of September 1, 2015, six new apprentices started their training at Bachmann electronic in the professions electronics and operating logistics. In total, 21 adolescents currently complete their apprenticeship at Bachmann headquarters in Feldkirch.

A "get to know each other" workshop within a three-day outdoor training in Bregenzerwald helps the young people to enter into professional life. Next to specialist know-how, especially personality development and the enhancement of social skills are key components of the apprenticeship at Bachmann. Special personality workshops but also adventure trips and other team building events shape the character of the adolescents and support the team spirit within the group.

Since 1985, Bachmann trains apprentices with great success. In line with the principle of rotation, the trainees work their way through different departments. Therefore, the content of teaching can individually be adapted to performance potentials, skills and interests. In the apprenticeship the mediation of a broad knowledge is of primary importance, the specialization takes place after the apprenticeship within the relevant departments. Qualified employees after finishing the apprenticeship are in great demand within the respective fields of application.