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31.07.2018 | Pressemitteilungen

SMM: digital change in action

The digital transformation of the maritime industry succeeds with integrated automation.

Bachmann shows actual applications. Service, data connectivity, security, operational cost reduction - digital transformation means many different things, but automation is always the key. Bachmann electronic is a manufacturer of control systems, engineering tools and visualization software in the top technical segment. 

At SMM 2018, the company will use customer applications to demonstrate how its holistic approach to data creates added value. A good example is the data collectors that predict the availability of the diesel-electric powertrain in Royal Wagenborg's walk-to-work project.

To make cable consumption cost effective and to reduce the number of push buttons on board for the customer, the Kooiman Marine Group used remote I/O controls in combination with an easy-to-understand, user-friendly Human Machine Interface on the operator terminal.

Norwegian Electric Systems broke new ground in onboard power supply and uses an integrated platform solution from Bachmann: GMP modules for network measurement, atvise® M1 webMI pro for data visualization and 20-sim as hardware in the loop simulation software for model-based development.

Together with Bachmann, Ulstein Blue Ctrl has developed the Ulstein X-Connect, a future automation platform that enables its users to work more intelligently and efficiently.


You are welcome to use detailed user reports of the above-mentioned projects with images without quotas. Contact Catherine Diethelm at