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13.01.2021 | Pressemitteilungen

Bachmann Blade Bending Sensor Advances Predictive Maintenance in Wind

Rudolstadt, Germany – January 13, 2020

Condition Monitoring experts, Bachmann Monitoring, reveal the next phase of wind turbine blade monitoring. The Cantilever Sensor (CLS), a state-of-the-art blade bending measurement technology, is a cost effective and accurate measure of rotor blade strain in real time. The robust CLS provides a wider range of values and is more durable than existing strain gauges. Easy to install, the sensor facilitates optimized pitch control with early ice and fault detection to improve predictive maintenance of turbine blades both on- and offshore.

An application of proven displacement measurement technologies, the CLS delivers precise measurements with very low tolerances (+/-0.5µm). Results are unaffected by local material inconsistencies due to a sample area over 12 times longer than existing gauges, and the titanium cantilever guarantees stability.  Designed for harsh environments, the sensor’s non-contacting measurement technique increases long-term repeatability and durability over conventional strain gauges, making it a robust solution for modern wind farms.

“The Cantilever Sensor enables a range of new possibilities in predictive maintenance,” says Holger Fritsch, CEO of Bachmann Monitoring. “For example, an ice detection system based on CLS and SCADA data to improve safety. With two sensors on each blade, we can create an orbit to detect any changes as soon as they occur; an excellent indicator of blade condition. This is the future of Condition Monitoring and we are excited to be part of it.”

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