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Communication that connects

The Ethernet interface was previously mainly operated by Scada and control station systems. The connection to a controller is mainly implemented using discrete data signals. Bachmann’s MMS Client now accesses the Ethernet interface and acts in a similar way to a fi... Read more


Ready for Smart Grids

The new Grid Measurement and Protection Module GMP232 from Bachmann electronic integrates protection and monitoring functions into the “conventional” control tasks of decentralized electricity generation plants. Its integration into the Bachmann SolutionCenter enab... Read more


Convenient design

Computer-aided tools are increasingly being used for the electrical planning and mechanical design of switch cabinets. Bachmann is providing an ePLAN P8 library for eCAD systems, and for mCAD programs a 3D module library with the components of the M1 automation sy... Read more


›Tux‹ in the Bachmann terminal

Bachmann electronic is expanding its powerful range of operating devices with the Linux-based OT205 operator terminal. The units with a 5.7 inch display diagonal and either QVGA or VGA resolution come optionally with a touch screen or a front plate with an integra... Read more


Measuring under extreme environmental conditions

The automation of special ships, particularly those for constructing offshore installations is characterized by the constantly growing complexity of processes. Ships are comparable with large chemical engineering plants in which a countless number of subsystems ar... Read more

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