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High availability solutions for any environment

From the second quarter of 2011 additional coldclimate versions of modules and terminals will be added to the portfolio of the M1 automation system. Besides different visualization devices, this includes the AIC212, a measuring module for condition monitorin... Read more


The Number 1 in Wind

With over 50,000 installed systems and a market share of over 50 percent, Bachmann electronic is Number 1 worldwide in the automation of wind energy plants.

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Decentralized power generation in the age of the smart grid

With Bachmann electronic's new GMP232 grid measurement and monitoring module, the voltage, current, frequency, power and harmonics ("power quality") are measured and analyzed directly on the busbar of the small power station.

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Bachmann electronic: 2010 brings record sales

  • The fruits of the previous years: Sales rose by 34.3 percent to 70.4 million euros
  • Highlights 2010: Growth in Asia, product offensives and the CreativeTop
  • 2011: Focus on targeted portfolio expansions and employee development
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Condensation-proof HMI's

For demanding climatic conditions, the new series OT115 and WT205 cold-climate terminals are the ideal addition to the cold-climate modules of the Bachmann M1 automation system. The sealing of the modules guarantees safe operation even with condensation present, an... Read more

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