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19.08.2019 | Pressemitteilungen

Certified energy park controller XXL

EZA controller, compliant with connection guideline VDE-AR-N-4110 for supply

To operate a power plant (EZA) efficiently, the power management at the point of common coupling (PCC) is very important. The power plant could consist of different generation units (EZE), which are represented by combined heat and power units (CHP), photovoltaics (PV), wind turbines or storage components.

A given power value could be set either manually or from a third party, e.g. direct energy trading. The resulting set-point for the different generation units in the park is calculated by the controller and then supplied to the units. According to the new requirements, which are valid from May 2019, it is mandatory for every power plant producing a power input >= 135kW, to have a certified power plant controller, which has implemented the functionalities and follows the required rules.

Bachmann electronic provides an EZA controller, based on the proven Bachmann CPU ́s and the extremely high accurate grid and measurement module (GMP232/x). In addition to this, it completely fulfills the connection guideline VDE-AR-N-4110 for power supply. The core component is the closed-loop-controller, which is a software module created by Bachmann with the extension M-Target for MATLAB®/Simulink®. This software module measures the values at the point of common coupling and with using the actual values from the park grid, it calculates the set-points and sends them to the different types of generation units. All the required functionalities regarding set-points for active and reactive power, also the supply of these set-points towards the generation units, e.g. CHP, are implemented. To complete this product, a local HMI is also provided. It could be used for configuration, monitoring and operation. This product is also shipped with a simulation library of the EZA controller for PC. This could be easily integrated into common grid simulator programs, which are normally used to certify the whole energy plant. To allow the access of direct energy trading (DET) or feed-in management signals (EINSMan), Bachmann has the most common communication protocols already included, e.g. IEC 60870-5-101/104, IEC 61850 or Modbus. These are easily to configure and beyond this, digital or analog signals could of course be used. In addition, this EZA controller solution provides the highest standards according to security, which checks and logs each and every access and change of value.