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27.05.2020 | Pressemitteilungen

Power Plant PLC: Legal Compliance with Network Protection to VDE-AR-N 4105

Feldkirch, Austria – May 27, 2020

Strict legal requirements apply to every power generation system that feeds directly into the supply network. Any malfunction would endanger both grid stability and plant security. These requirements are defined by the VDE-AR-N 4105.

Application of the GSP274

In April 2019, TÜV NORD CERT issued the first component certificate for the new application rule to the GSP274 Protection and Synchronization Module from Bachmann electronic.

As a plug-in unit for the M1 automation system, it works seamlessly as part of the plant operational controls. The adjustable NS protection is designed to be fail-safe, making secondary protection systems obsolete. Grid measurement values are available in the application program, as well as protection events or breaker positions. Automatically recorded, time-synchronised fault records and event logs simplify error analysis.

VDE-AR-N 4105, the latest application rule for energy generation to the low-voltage grid, entered into force for German plants in April 2019. In the absence of approved test regulations, the mandatory certification has so far proved impossible. Manufacturer self-declarations - without legal certainty - had to suffice. Compared with its 2011 predecessor, the new standard includes harmonization with EU regulation, improved network support and mandatory certification through independent test centers.

Additional certificates for VDE-AR-N 4110, the British ENA G99 and the American IEEE C37.90, simplify the global power generation approval process, especially for CHPs, GenSets, hybrid storage and small hydro power plants.    

Further information: Bachmann GSP274