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The backplanes BS200/E interconnect − as the BS200 series − the M1 controller hardware modules, such as power supplies, CPU modules and input/output modules, mechanically and electrically. 

With its robust design, the E series ensures direct mounting on the control cabinet back panel without a DIN rail to optimize thermal and mechanical connection. Through this coupling, the heat can be transported through the rear panel of the cabinet housing, in which the cooling of the interior becomes much easier. Frequently, a maintenance-intensive active cooling of the components in the interior can therefore be avoided. A functional earth connection is prepared.



  • 3 to 10 module slots
  • Seamless connection/expandable
  • Stabile mechanics/compact design
  • Vibration proof fixing of modules
  • Directly mounting

Approvals / Certificates



BS200/E EN
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BS200/E EN
BS200/E DE
PDF - 149 Kb
BS200/E DE

System overview