Electrical drives are an essential part of several motion applications. Their rapid commissioning and straightforward interchangeability make it possible to adapt machinery easily to customer requirements. 

This is made possible by the Drive Middleware (DMW). It communicates with drives over various fieldbus protocols and controls their status machine. The required logic is encapsulated in the DMW. Therefore, the interface to the application program is kept simple and constant. 



  • Uniform, manufacturer and fieldbus-independent programming of motion applications
  • Rapid commissioning through ready-to-use drive descriptions
  • Integration in the M-SMC, M-SHAFT and M-CNC Bachmann motion controllers
  • Integration in M-Target for Simulink® enables model-based development


Drive-independence application 

Drive middleware provides a unified, abstracted drive interface for motion applications. The manufacturer-specific drive control logic is encapsulated in the DMW. Drives can therefore be easily adapted to customer requirements without application changes. 

Drive integration directly from the catalog 

Drives are fully described via their DMW configuration file. It contains all information, e.g. about exchanged data or available operating modes. The DMW file is selected in the SolutionCenter and with that, the drive is already fully connected and operational. 

New drives are being continuously added to the catalog. If a required file is not yet available, this configuration file can simply be added by users themselves. 


Drive Middleware

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Drive Middleware EN
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