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Especially designed for sophisticated motion control applications the ISI222 module offers compact equipment and optimum precision. Equipped for the total control of two motion axes, the module features a number of encoder interfaces for position acquisition, analog outputs for the application of manipulated variables, as well as digital inputs for the initiator or trigger. Furthermore, due to the central communication concept, all I/Os of the remaining M1 system can also be incorporated into the motion control (limit switches, etc.). Input frequencies up to 8 MHz and the integrated synchronization (IO-Bus-Sync) with the total system allow highly dynamic and precise movements. 

Beside the full compatibility to the well proven controller modules M-SMC, M-CNC and M-SHAFT, also the user own programs and individually designed control tasks can utilize the extensive integrated functions of the module simply via the known standard interfaces (SVI, MIO). The extensive integrated error monitoring with ongoing checking of the encoder resolution identifies hard-to-see wiring or ESD problems and allows the application especially under difficult environmental conditions.



  • 2 input channels for incremental and SSI encoders
  • Full 32 bit counter
  • 2 analog outputs (14 bit)
  • 4 fast digital input channels for initiator and trigger
  • Position measurement / position storage can be initiated via triggers
  • Virtual for use in applications:
    zero pulse, speed, etc.
  • Synchronization via SYNC/PreSYNC
  • Encoder supply via module
  • Monitoring of the encoder voltage
  • Wire break monitoring (encoder)

Approvals / Certificates



ISI222/x EN
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ISI222/x EN
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ISI222/x DE

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