Complex motions in Cartesian three-dimensional space are mainly implemented with CNC systems. Therefore, a defined path of a tool center point (TCP) is of particular interest. The path of movement is set in accordance with DIN 66025. The CNC system uses these settings to calculate corresponding path profiles for all three driven axes. Therefore, maximum speed, acceleration and deceleration of each individual axis have to be considered, since these parameters are essential for gaining the exact demanded path of movement. 



  • Software module for path of movement in three-dimensional space utilizing Cartesian 3-axis system
  • Full interpolation in all three dimensions
  • Path definition according to DIN 66025
  • Configuration and diagnostic via the SolutionCenter
  • Commissioning user interface (CNC-Monitor) 
  • Library for IEC 61131-3 PLC programs


Ready-to-use CNC solution 

This means the first CNC application is only three steps away. 

  1. Configuration of 3 motion axes and definition of movement ranges 
  2. Setting target position via CNC-Monitor or loading CNC-program 
  3. Starting the movement 

The initial commissioning is thus carried out without having to program a single line of code. 

Motions in 3D space 

  • Component milling
  • Applying adhesives
  • Positioning laser cutters

All these applications have one thing in common: Their programs define a motion path in three-dimensional space. Already programmed path of movements can also be rotated around an angle or axis at a later time. Therefore, path correction for not correct aligned clamped workpieces can be carried out easily. 

Application programming 

A higher-level sequence program coordinates the job acceptance, the material feed as well as the subsequent processing of the CNC program. The interaction with the M-CNC system is easily implemented via the available IEC 61131-3 library. The CNC-Monitor commissioning user interface enables the complete parameter assignment and manual operation of the M-CNC software module. The Scope 3 software oscilloscope even records highly dynamic motions directly on the controller and enables comprehensive analysis on the engineering PC. In this way, a complete overview is always ensured. This not only shortens the time required for the initial commissioning, but also enables fast troubleshooting during operation. 



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System overview