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Ω-Guard® CMS is an intelligent monitoring solution without mechanical moving components such as hard disks or fans, which is robust for use under harsh ambient conditions. The system is tested and certified to DNV requirements.

The hardware and software architecture is based on a modular concept, providing flexibility to configure analogue and digital inputs and outputs.

Ω-Guard® offers a range of sample rates with corresponding filters. Vibration signals are processed in accordance with ISO guidelines for machine vibration to provide real time rms values of acceleration or velocity as a continuous output. Analysis software also captures frequency data periodically for the purposes of condition monitoring.

Bachmann prides itself on the high quality of hardware, and our systems in the field exceed 99.9% availability. Additionally extensive self-test routines enable a detailed functional check of the CMS including connected sensors.

Bachmann software routines provide comprehensive standard routines for all tasks associated with vibration monitoring. Plug-ins allow extensions to these capabilities. The script-oriented software also enables easy customization to different monitoring tasks that may arise due to special technical requirements identified for specific plant items.



The specific advantages of Ω-Guard® include: 

  • Modularity
  • Easy to expand
  • Supports many data formats (CAN, Profinet, OPC etc.)
  • Can be integrated within Bachmann controllers
  • Continuous ISO rms values
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Robust to environmental influences
  • Watchdog self-monitoring
  • Wide range of sample rates
  • Web based “Weblog” and client-based “WebLog Expert®” software for remote monitoring and diagnostics
  • Support from Bachmann’s DNV certified monitoring team


Ω-Guard® Condition Monitoring System


System overview