The PCC201 PC cards serve as a storage medium of the M1 controller. Depending on the memory extension, the PC cards may contain source codes and pieces of documentation in addition to the operating system, the drivers and the application software. 

The PCC201 cards can directly be written to and formatted in all processor modules of the M1 controller. With an A-PCC200 adapter it is possible to use the PC cards in the PCMCIA slots of PCs and notebooks. 

The PCC201 series is produced entirely in-house and therefore long-term supply is guaranteed.



  • Memory capacity 32/64 MB
  • Access width 16 bits
  • Designed as 5 V card
  • Program voltage of 12 Vss
  • Write protection via operating software

Approvals / Certificates



PCC201 PC-Cards EN
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PCC201 PC-Cards EN
PCC201 PC-Cards DE
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PCC201 PC-Cards DE

System overview