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The all-round engineering solution

The Bachmann SolutionCenter represents a real milestone in reducing engineering costs. A single, complete software solution covers all aspects of the engineering process - from configuration to programming, testing to commissioning, extending to visualization tools.

Thanks to the highly modular plug-in concept, the tool can be expanded simply, even for integrated user-specific requirements.

Optimally matched to the devices and systems of the manufacturer and designed in collaboration with experienced users, the software offers considerable time savings, as well as synergies and increased usability. Users can benefit from the cohesive operating concept and avoid entry of redundant or unnecessary data.

A close linking to the automation systems of Bachmann electronic enables you to simplify virtually all processes. The result: Higher efficiency and lower engineering costs.

The Bachmann SolutionCenter was designed as a modular plug-in system with a flexible GUI concept that is based on the established »Eclipse« framework. Both the structure and the use of Java as the implementation language ensure greater investment protection, as well as compatibility with existing controller projects that are based on older tools.

The Bachmann SolutionCenter - an open and completely progressive software solution.