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The software package, Wind Turbine Templates (WTT), is tailored to the needs of the wind turbine manufacturers. It helps in considerably reducing development and commissioning times of the controller software and visualization.

Complex programming is dispensed with. In this regard, the Wind Turbine Templates from Bachmann cover many standardized tasks associated with the automation of a wind turbine. Thus recurring functions no longer must be implemented in the plant management program, but rather can be prepared in a configuration tool, executed on the controller CPU, and monitored and operated in a visualization.

The functionalities included in the Wind Turbine Templates are required in almost all system constellations. Thus depending on the complexity of the wind turbine, software modules already cover between 60 and 80 percent of the functionality. The WTT configurator is installed as an additional plug-in for the Bachmann SolutionCenter.

Wind Turbine Template (WTT)

Wind Turbine Essentials (WTE)

Wind Turbine Essentials (WTE)

Product sheet (PDF/184 kB)

  • Configuring instead of programming
  • Readable, comparable, extensible project format
  • High performance in execution of fast event 
  • Setting and resetting events automatically from
    variable value or from user program
  • Individual configurable time delay for setting 
    and resetting events and for power-up
  • Freely configurable reactions to events