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Web visualization directly on the controller

For the operation and monitoring of machines and systems, usually dedicated MMI devices are required and the software for this purpose must be installed and allocated. Thanks to the M1 webMI pro product this is no longer necessary; here, the visualization is integrated directly on the controller. Each authorized device with a current browser thus becomes the HMI - always and everywhere.

With the M1 webMI pro it is possible to exploit the advantages of the web technologies entirely without limiting add-ons, such as browser plug-ins, and ActiveX. Via a secure web server directly on the M1 controller, any visualization devices from a smartphone to a high-performance control panel, can be coupled - operation and monitoring are done wherever and whenever the process so requires.

The integration into the powerful M1 controller system is evidence of the kind of performance that state-of-the art web technologies provide: A flicker-free display is produced even at data update rates of well under 100 ms and with hundreds of animated graphic elements. The additional resources that are required here are minimal. When viewing an M1 webMI pro visualization page, the singular advantages of HTML5 and SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), the basis of all graphic objects, become immediately apparent. Perfect graphic results are achieved with zero loss of quality when scaling and zooming.