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Faster on the grid

We deliver high-availability automation solutions for wind power plants throughout the world. State of the art technologies, open systems, and efficient development tools convince operators, manufacturers, and developers alike. In Wind Power SCADA (WPS) we bundle our industry know-how with a future-safe, flexible SCADA solution that is designed in pure web technology.

Regardless of the end devices used, plant operators can quickly obtain a comprehensive overview of the entire wind farm - extending to the details of each individual wind turbine. WPS builds on the functions of the Bachman controller software package, Wind Turbine Template (WTT), which includes the most important structures, components, and functions of the plant management control of a wind farm and provides them in the form of the IEC 61400-25 data space. Thus development times and commissioning times for the controller software (plant management program), as well as for creation of the necessary visualization are considerably reduced.

Wind Power SCADA (WPS)

Wind Power SCADA (WPS)

Product sheet (PDF/243 kB)

  • Branch-specific SCADA system
  • Use of standard communication protocols OPC UA and IEC 61400-25
  • High scalability, open system
  • Live process data on all visualization levels
  • Automatic adaptation of the graphic resolution for PC, tablet, or smart phone
  • Easy visualization on all mobile operating devices
  • Uniform user administration for SCADA and turbine
  • Active state / access control
  • Split screen mode
  • Online/offline trending
  • Online language switchover
  • Alarm and data historization
  • Availability calculation in accordance with IEC 61400-26-1/-3
  • Service logbook
  • CMS ISO VDI 3834 integration
  • Reporting