Holger Fritsch and Dirk Knollmann from Bachmann showed astonishing analogies between the maritime sector and offshore wind power generation in their expert presentation on the subject of smart maintenance - "survival of the fittest" at the 8th Schiff&Hafen Conference in Hamburg.

In discussions with experts and decision-makers from shipping companies, suppliers and research institutes, they discussed the degree of digitalization achieved in the maritime sector and the road ahead. Everyone agreed that maintenance is an important component in this process, and that it can only be implemented efficiently and reliably with high-tech solutions.

In their presentation, Holger Fritsch and Dirk Knollmann took the audience on a technology journey from the meta-perspective of condition monitoring, through the identification of a suitable maintenance strategy, to the R-O-I consideration of the same, and also gave an outlook into the near future.

The essence of this is: Smart Maintenance is an inevitable topic today, which must be tackled holistically in order to be able to build and operate ships and plants competitively tomorrow.

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