Yes, we live in a fast moving industry. Customers, as well as employees, are challenged by increasing demands on a daily basis. This is precisely why we intentionally take time to cooperate. This makes the difference and brings us faster to our goal.

What matters to us

The focus is on the individual

It is the spirit of invention of the founder, Gerhard Bachmann, that has made the enterprise world class. Today, as was the case 50 years ago, the guiding principle is "Together we can achieve anything". This is well practised in a climate of mutual respect. "The smiles from employees and customers are the nicest verification of a corporate culture that never loses sight of the essentials: People and the environment.

Passion as the engine

Solutions are not produced without passion. We gather experience, think further, communicate, look ahead, are open to inspiration, try out, and are courageous. Thus we develop innovative solutions for automation. In this process we interconnect space, the person, and technology in an optimal manner.

Customer benefit as the objective

We continuously set new, trend-setting courses for the entire automation industry. Precisely because we are a technology leader, we are extremely challenged to continually develop further and find solutions today so that we will be first in realizing our customer’s desires of tomorrow.

Joy in growth

In a challenging market environment, a strategic long-range perspective and the power of innovation are our guarantee for consistent growth. Even in economically difficult years we have been able to grow continuously, and in the future we will also strive for further growth with our customers.

The customer as partner

Each company is unique. We adapt ourselves to the needs of each company. This not only means providing the right technologies, it also means bringing the right people together. Thus together we achieve optimal results. Only that which helps the customer is important. Thus win-win relationships occur. We know: Success in automation goes hand in hand with enthusiasm and sustainable customer satisfaction. As an expert with many years of experience in the field of control and automation technology, we know exactly what matters when customers approach us with rigorous requirements.

Bachmann in brief

Automation, Grid Measurement and Protection, Visualization and Condition Monitoring for plants and machines: this is the Bachmann world, our core competence, and our future. Headquartered in Feldkirch, Austria, we are a rapidly expanding organization with over 500 employees worldwide. We have been developing unique automation and system solutions for customers around the globe for more than 50 years.

When it comes to automation in the energy, industry and maritime sectors, Bachmann is truly an expert. We excel at unique, tailor-made system and solutions, perfectly adapted for the operating environment.

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Our competence. Our responsibility.

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Our competence. Our responsibility.

Bachmann throughout time

Profound science is essential to us
Acquisition of IM&P GmbH: Integration into Bachmann Monitoring GmbH
50 years of Bachmann
In 2020, we celebrated our 50th anniversary and the best business year since the company was founded. Opening of the Busan (Korea) branch.
Long and secure life of installations
Retrofit & security solutions for energy parks
Images are quicker than words
HMI with integrated web visualisation
The future is digital
Model-based development - next generation
2011 to 2015
Condition monitoring and visualisation gain momentum
2011 Acquisition μSen GmbH: today Bachmann Monitoring GmbH 2012 Acquisition CertecEDV GmbH: today Bachmann Visutec GmbH 2013 1,300 wind turbines with CMS in Europe & USA 2014 New location for Marine in Bremen (DE), new headquarter Boston (USA) 2015 New web-based SCADA system
2011 to 2015
1991 to 2010
Moving forward step by step
1998 Intel-based control system M1, Pentium performance, industry standards 2004 Branch office in the Netherlands and Denmark, expansion in the wind and industry sector 2007 System provider, SolutionCenter - All-In-One Engineering Tool, branch office in China, India and USA 2008 Integrated safety solutions, major expansion in China, industrial offensive in mechanical engineering (OEM) 2009 Doubling of production area in Feldkirch, office opening in Beijing, ColdClimate assemblies 2010 Established Maritime and Offshore Branch
1991 to 2010
1970 to 1990
Technology establishment
1980: μP control, system solutions for plastic injection moulding machines 1990: Transputer controls, IPC/terminals
1970 to 1990
Start of the success story
Founded by Ing. Gerhard Bachmann, Analogue control and regulation devices

Facts and figures - the direction is clear.

Stability through controlled growth.

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90 million euros turnover


More than 500 employees


At 24 locations worldwide