Industry 4.0 is diverse and complex - we have the perfect solutions.

Whether machine or system; automation, monitoring or control - we are ready for the challenge.

Mechanical Engineering

Robust Precision Work

The world of automation is diverse and complex. Equally complex is also the demand on technology, which can vary depending on application and location.

Our system solutions can be implemented worldwide, serving global innovation and safety demands as standard.

Plant Engineering

Maintaining an Overview

In today's industry, runtime and production time are decisive for both yield and profitability. 

As such, the interaction of individual machines with an entire production network is crucial. However, not only do systems need to be fast, they also need to meet the highest safety standards due to constant advancements in networking and control via intranet and internet. 

Our hardware and software keeps pace with new developments and, thanks to a modular design, offers many entry-level and expansion options.

Challenge Accepted

For over 50 years, we have delivered customized solutions for specific market and customer requirements. Today and for the future.

Investment Protection
  • Scalability - the same software for all CPU performance classes
  • Compatibility - for long-term availability
  • Robustness and availability - 99.96% availability, confirmed by customers
  • Harsh environmental conditions - shock and vibration, EMC and high temperatures (+70°C) are no problem
Technological Functions
  • Die cushion solution including pressure and position control
  • Metal powder presses – upper and lower piston, stamp, central pin, and feeder
  • Die cast controller for cold and hot chamber machines
  • Drive control for rolling mills
  • Adaptive multi-zone temperature control
  • And much more...
Industry 4.0
  • Private Cloud - fleet management for machine monitoring in the field
  • Graphical evaluation (dashboards) in pure web technology
  • Over 15 years of condition monitoring experience - 6,500 systems installed
  • Communication protocols for networking (OPC-UA server and Client, PROFINET, EtherCAT, Modbus, etc.)
Innovative Engineering
  • Free choice and combinability of programming language (IEC61131-3, C/C++, Matlab/Simulink)
  • Software modularity – component-oriented development
  • Model-based development (code generation without manual intervention, SIL, HIL)
  • Integrated diagnostics, online data recorder (sampling rate of up to 100µs)
  • Graphically configurable logic functions e.g. for end-user enhancements, safe and non-reactive
Visualization in Pure Web Technology
  • Pure HTML5 with SVG and Javascript
  • Scalable solutions – integrated PLC, SCADA, and private cloud systems
  • Comprehensive project design in one engineering tool
  • Extensive user libraries and examples
CMS for Industry / Predictive Maintenance
  • High-quality vibration measurement with the AIC214
  • Real-time ISO vibration levels for machinery protection
  • Periodic, high-resolution measurements to enable predictive maintenance
  • Expert vibration analysis
  • Special solutions for high-load, slow-moving components
  • Anomaly identification for early fault indicator detection
  • Supports machine operation under fault conditions
  • Extensive web-based visualization, reporting and data access

Big Data and our Demands for the Hardware of the Future

We move with the times and with the latest technological developments. Industry 4.0 is not an individual function, but a fundamental architecture that we have been pursuing for years. Fleet monitoring of plants and machines is the logical continuation of this trend and our contribution to product realization.

  • Robustness + long-term availability > 99.96 %
  • Reliability + access protection
  • Flexibility + compatibility
  • Automation technology openness + usability

The Bachmann System

We see the big picture and are always thinking one step ahead. Our innovative solutions ensure efficient plant engineering. Intelligent automation of modern industrial facilities looks exactly like this.

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Meeting High Demands

The Complete Controller System

The M1 controller is the core of Bachmann's innovative and holistic automations solutions. Offering maximum robustness and availability, the controller can be used in even the most challenging conditions. 

  • Programming - C/C++, IEC 61131, MATLAB®/Simulink®, 20-sim, UML-capable
  • I/Os
  • Networking
  • Safety und service
  • Visualization
  • Modular
  • CPU
  • Robustness / Reliability / Availability
M1 Steuerungssystem

Operate the Future

with Web-Visualizations in Mechanical and Plant Engineering
With every new generation of machine or plant comes the question of appropriate visualization software, often through the undesired consequences of product discontinuations. User interface requirements are varied: it must be modern, intuitive and user-friendly; the usually invisible technology must also represent quality and reliability.   

  • New visualization requirements
  • Fewer dependencies through standardization
  • Web-based visualization
  • Widescreen and multi-touch

Progress as Standard

Independent Operation and Monitoring with atvise® scada
Local operation, remote maintenance and control room in one solution. Operation and visualization from any terminal device, anytime, anywhere - all without the need to install a specific client. Industry expects a great deal from today's HMI and SCADA. Modern systems require appropriate, flexible solutions developed in line with standards: atvise® leads the way.        

  • Pure web technology
  • Combined with OPC UA
  • Scalable atvise® product line

Optimal Protection

With Ready-To-Use Security for Industry 4.0
Modern plant and machine manufacturing requires access to controller networks and operator consoles via both intranet and internet, but this advanced networking could facilitate unauthorized access to unprotected plants. Bachmann has long recognized this issue and has secured its products accordingly.

  • Secured network
  • Tap-proof communication
  • Authenticated controller access
  • Hardened operating system
  • Secure user applications

Safety without Compromise

Through Fully Integrated Safety Solutions
Whether for a simple emergency-stop at the machine console or distributed safety technology with optical sensors, redundant cabling and control of emergency-stop categories in modern servos: Bachmann's SLC284 programmable safety module, new SCT202 safety encoder module, and SDI208 and SDO204 digital I/O safety modules offer safety solutions that are fully integrated into the M1 automation system.

  • People-orientated
  • Integrated safety solution
  • Tools for safe application programming
  • Configuration, project management and programming to meet the highest demands
  • Create your own copy-and-paste templates
  • Safety for series machine building
  • Safety Developer – the safe choice

Engineering of the Future

SolutionCenter – The All-In-One Engineering Tool / Modern – Versatile – Efficient
The call for modularity is getting louder. Bachmann's controller platform is already equipped for the future. Flexibility guaranteed for both hardware and software modules alike.

  • Simple maintenance
  • Choice of programming language
  • Extensive component testing
  • Reduced complexity
  • Modular design
  • Fast component exchange
  • Reduced development times

Perfection in Motion

Through Tailored Drive Solutions
The requirements of modern drive technology are becoming increasingly specific and individual. Even the most advanced plants, with the most innovative drives, receive regular customer requests for unique drive solutions. Bachmann has the answer: with the M1 automation system, drive controllers can be selected independently of the drive type.

  • Standardized drive controller - Drive Middleware
  • Fieldbus independence
  • Dynamic positioning
  • Vertical shaft
  • DIN 66025 compliant
  • Model-based path generation

Functional Support

M1 ServiceCenter
With today's constantly growing technological demands, machine and plant service operations are unavoidable. Bachmann's M1 ServiceCenter offers maximum customer support with the design of service operations, such as software updates or hardware replacement. The M1 ServiceCenter also enables the simple execution and monitoring of defined process sequence directly at the plant or via remote access - simultaneously for multiple plants.

  • Offline engineering
  • Process sequencing and monitoring
  • Drag & drop configuration
  • Library catalog
  • Automatic report generation
M1 ServiceCenter

Simulation and Model-Based Design

With M-Target for Simulink®
The growing size of industrial plants, combined with the use of new technologies, is constantly increasing the demands on automation. Leading manufacturers are responding to the growing complexity of operational control and the required control algorithms with new development techniques. These enable technically mature, highly available systems to be brought to market, whilst also reducing time needed for development.

  • Digital simulation
  • Quality and high efficiency
  • Automatic code generation
  • Simple licensing model

New Thinking in Temperature Control

Adaptive Temperature Controller (ATeC)
Stable thermal process conditions form the basis of any production plant. The fast implementation of these basic requirements leaves more time for other development tasks. New, innovative algorithms put this goal within reach. 

  • Automatically determined parameters
  • Coupled system control
  • Integrated monitoring
  • Energy-optimized control
  • Fully integrated into the Engineering Tool

New Condition Monitoring for 4.0

From Reactive to Predictive Maintenance and Service
Digitization, Industry 4.0 and Big Data are currently shaping developments in service and maintenance. Data acquisition on the current condition of a plant is under the spotlight. However, data is not an end in itself, nor does it provide added value or a recommended action on its own. Gaining insight is the real challenge: using data and information to develop real knowledge and an understanding of the mechanisms and interrelationships. Bachmann understands that predictive maintenance and service requires a new, strategic use of condition monitoring.


Fast Reliable Diagnostics

With Bachmann's SolutionCenter Scope 3 Data Recorder and Watch List
Whether during commissioning, troubleshooting or maintenance – the more modern and complex the automated plant, the more important it becomes to access transparent information on process states and sequences across the system. With the Bachmann SolutionCenter, M1 automation system users benefit from a complete diagnostics package in one software solution and a reliable data overview – in real time.

  • High speed data logging
  • Simple analysis of complex interrelationships
  • Tailored content
  • Integrated setpoint definition

Perfect Energy Management

PLC-Integrated Power Measurement for Energy Optimization and Uninterrupted Supply
A stable power supply is the backbone of any high-quality manufacturing facility. The range of tasks varies according to stakeholders, location and production targets. At typical offshore locations with an unreliable power supply infrastructure, this primarily involves monitoring compliance with the set grid quality in order to maintain both high product quality and long service lives. 

Peak load reduction may become a core task when connections are poor or energy processes intense. Alternatively, grid measurement technology can provide early fault detection based on the high-resolution load profiles produced during specific process steps. 

  • Energy consumption measurement
  • Trust is good, control is better
  • MM-Bus energy measurement for compressed air, heat and water

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