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Controlling and monitoring processes

In the automation industry, approaches such as Industry 4.0 and the associated breakdown of the rigid automation pyramid are widely discussed but rarely followed through. Unfortunately, solutions closely following this rigid principle are still frequently found in the field. The visualization solutions from Bachmann take a different approach. To advance the digitization in automation, our solutions focus on flexibility and freedom.

Increasing complexity and the constantly escalating level of automation in a wide variety of systems demand future-oriented technologies to monitor and control processes effectively. HMI and SCADA systems contribute significantly in this regard and guarantee maximum security. Moreover, future applications must be able to demonstrate a high degree of flexibility; even connecting to fixed operator control stations in the age of mobile terminals is a thing of the past.

Due to its generic structure, the specially designed HMI and SCADA solutions from Bachmann electronic for professional automation and control center technology can be used in all application areas and industries such as energy, plant construction and mechanical engineering, maritime applications or logistics. The modern and efficient structure enables scaling from extremely small applications with scarcely a dozen information points up to industrial-scale systems with several hundred thousand process values. Top-quality user interfaces are produced by using pure web technologies; the fact that installation on the HMI devices is dispensed with is an additional benefit. Visualization is available on all equipment with a standard browser and is not constrained by screen sizes and resolutions. 

Bachmann Visualization

Operating and Monitoring Devices

For a better understanding between man and machine.

Brilliant, fast, trouble-free, robust, efficient – the HMI systems of the next generation satisfy all requirements imposed on the operating and monitoring of complex plants.

The combination of powerful processors and state-of-the-art touch screens guarantees flawless visualization of graphically complex user interfaces. The result: Visualization devices for every application. 

Bachmann electronic offers a comprehensive portfolio for a wide variety of implementation areas and performance classes. In this regard extensive configuration possibilities are just as self-evident as customer-specific solutions, for example, the front panel in corporate design or custom software solutions.

Bachmann products and technologies stand for robustness, long service life, and quality. The reliability is ensured through 48-hour run-in tests in the climate chamber, to which every visualization device must be subjected.

As a system provider, Bachmann can offer a density of component integration that is unique for the market. Controller, visualization software, and HMI hardware are perfectly matched, so that the systems are economical over the long term, and trouble-free in use.

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Web VisualizationWeb visualization directly on the control
LibrariesTool libary
Operator TerminalsThe optimal operator terminal for every application 
HMI – Memory MediaQualified selection of storage components 

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