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We bring together partners, customers, product managers and application support engineers to share individual strengths, ideas, solutions and technologies. Together we translate your vision into tangible automation solutions. Facilitating an industry-wide collaboration, will enable system integrators and equipment manufacturers to focus on your unique, high quality, fully tested solutions with minimum development and commissioning time. Our holistic, certified system increases revenues and maximizes system performance and safety significant.

  • Automation of complete ships, offshore and port facilities with up to 20,000 I/Os
  • Confirmed by customers: system availability over 99.96%
  • Perfectly integrated customized automation systems

Secure the Future of your Marine and Offshore Installations

Bachmann's system solutions keep everything under control:

Our broad and modular product range meets every customer requirement. We provide a uniform and holistic system solution that is simultaneously highly available and future-proof. We offer everything from a single source and to the highest quality standards.

Integrated Automation
  • One engineering tool
  • One hardware platform
  • Open and flexible
  • Web-based HMI
  • Scalable with standardized components
  • Network redundancy with warm and hot standby
  • Maximum availability
  • Integrated diagnostics
  • Automatic switchover within one cycle
  • Cost-effective
  • Technologically proven
Maritime + Offshore Essentials
  • Optimal engineering tools
  • Certified
  • Ensured redundancy
  • Maintenance through integrated CBM
  • Integrated power management
  • Open communication with all standards
Condition Monitoring System (CMS)
  • Over 20 years of CMS expertise
  • More than 9,000 CMS installed worldwide
  • Monitoring for several thousand wind turbines worldwide, of all types and manufacturers
  • World's first GL certified controller-integrated CMS
Power Management
  • Fully integrated solution
  • Easily scalable
  • Individually customizable templates
  • Measurement, protection and synchronization
  • Response time within milliseconds

The Bachmann System

We see the big picture and always think one step ahead. Our innovative solutions ensure efficient plant engineering. This is what intelligent automation of modern marine & offshore facilities looks like.

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Cutting-Edge Technology, No Limits
Automate your offshore plant with Bachmann and know that we have accounted for every eventuality.

Our innovative automation systems guarantee extraordinary robustness, maximum performance and open interfaces.

  • Open hardware and software
  • Ready-to-use
  • Equipped for climate challenges
  • Scalable and open
M1 Steuerungssystem

Model-Based Design

Virtual Ship Commissioning through Simulation
The topic of simulation is of almost universal interest across the maritime industry. Until now, the absence of a straightforward simulation process has prevented its integration into the development process. Simulation, however, provides companies with solutions that were previously beyond reach.

With its technology, Bachmann offers machine and plant manufacturers the opportunity to simulate tasks - from very small to highly complex.

  • Controller tasks
  • Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation
  • Cost-efficient
  • Reduced commissioning times
  • The best features of the M1


All-In-One Engineering
Bachmann's SolutionCenter represents a milestone in engineering cost reduction. 

Within the framework of a single, all-in-one software solution, every aspect of the engineering process is covered - configuration, programming, control, motion, communication, safety, visualization, as well as testing and commissioning.

  • All-In-One engineering-tool
  • Component manager
  • Programming tools
  • Testing / quality / simulation
  • Security / safety
  • Communication
  • Visualization
  • Diagnostics
  • Operations management

Redundancy Control

A Safety Net in an Emergency
Bachmann's automation solutions are characterized by maximum robustness and availability. Nevertheless, no single system can guarantee freedom from failures. 

A redundant system is a targeted and sustainable method of increasing plant or ship availability.

  • Minimal changeover times
  • Integrated end-point fault detection
  • Scalable and cost efficient
  • Hot-standby redundancy
  • Warm-standby redundancy
  • Network redundancy

Power Management

Grid Measurement at the Highest Level
Developments such as All Electric Ships (AES) demand increased onboard energy grid stability and control. Fundamentally, energy bottlenecks must be prevented and power must always be available to ship engines.

The basic prerequisites for this are: coordinated grid protection, hard real time load acquisition, and fast and targeted electrical energy provision.

  • Fully integrated yet easily scalable
  • Maritime power supply
  • Power-management systems tasks
  • High-performance control

The Proportional Valve Amplifier

Hydraulic Valves Under Control
Hydraulic systems are becoming increasingly technically sophisticated and the need for electronic component control is rising. Hydraulic valve amplifiers typically use Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) valve control. This reduces both amplification size and power dissipation.

Bachmann's PVA200 Series Proportional Valve Amplifiers feature a state-of-the-art PWM output circuit with 8-channel current control. This integrated solution offers many user advantages: maximum performance in the smallest possible package and minimum commissioning and maintenance costs.

  • Complete control
  • Solve challenges
  • Multiple user benefits

Safety Control

Safety without Compromise
Modern safety solutions with a programmable safety controller. Implement new functions that go far beyond the classic emergency cut-out. 

Bachmann offers a complete safety package - used successfully in a wide variety of applications under the toughest requirements.

  • Controlled safety technology

Secure Resources

Shipbuilding Controllers with Long-Term Availability
Ships and offshore platforms typically operate for decades: and so automation systems must guarantee long-term availability. 

In this context, long-term availability means two things: on the one hand, the long service life of components and, on the other, the possibility to replace hardware modules or make seamless hardware and software system upgrades, even after 15 to 20 years of operation.

  • Quality standards
  • Intelligent component management
  • Climate testing
  • Interference-free due to our EMC laboratory
  • Quality in series
  • Sophisticated design
  • Compatibility

Condition Monitoring System

Higher Safety, Higher Yield
Critical machinery for marine operations includes drives for drilling equipment, dredging pumps, pipe handling systems, propulsion systems, control systems, etc. 

The 24/7 Condition Monitoring System (CMS)  for maritime operations is tasked with preventing critical equipment breakdowns and consequently unscheduled downtime.

  • First CMS fully-integrated into an automation system
  • System downtime minimized
  • Maritime M1 automation solution
  • Higher performance and expertise
  • Significant benefits for crew and owners

Web Machine Interface – M1 webMI pro

Future SCADA and HMI
The global expansion of mobile, internet-enabled devices has been breath-taking, as has their simple, intuitive operation. Internet and software applications are no longer location-bound, but can be used anywhere worldwide. 

With the M1 webMI pro, Bachmann clearly demonstrates technological leadership: every M1 controller becomes a central server for permanently installed as well as mobile HMI devices.

  • Modern project management
  • Easy maintenance
  • Pure-web visualization
  • Simple delivery
  • Increased efficiency
  • SCADA with 64-bit power

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