We offer an innovative and future-oriented automation portfolio for the manufacturers and developers of energy applications. Our intelligent, scalable technology is based on over 50 years of integrated engineering experience. To ensure the achievement of demanding global climate targets, we offer renewable energy customers the highest standards of quality, long service lifetimes, absolute reliability and guaranteed safety.

  • Over 140,000 MW of renewable energy generation automated
  • More than 3,000 CHPs equipped with the M1 automation system
  • Over 50 years experience in automation technology

The Secure Future of your Energy

Full control with Bachmann's system solutions

Automation Systems for Energy Technology
  • Scalable control system
  • Touch HMI up to 19", web-based
  • GIO: Parameterizable digital/analog input and output channels
  • GSP: Grid synchronization integrated and certified to VDE-AR-4105, BDEW FGW TR3 and TR8 in the M1 controller system
  • Alarm monitoring/trend display
CHP Template

Reduces engineering workload by up to 80%.
We offer a Combined Heat and Power Plant (CHP) template specifically tailored to the requirements of developers and manufacturers.

More information: CHP Template

VDE-AR-N-4110/4120 Certified Power Plant Controller

Bachmann electronic has developed a product that offers the required functionality for the control of different energy generators and components that are combined to form a higher-level power station. The solution fully meets the requirements of the new VDE-AR-N-4110/4120.

More info: Smart Power Plant Controller

Energy Storage System Solutions

Bachmann is your energy storage system automation partner. Our open interfaces offer a free choice of protocol and complete power management, which is provided by our GMP232/x and GSP274 grid modules, and the certified EZA controller. The controller safely transfers generated electricity from different generation units to the public grid in full compliance with relevant standards.

Bachmann's application developments and visualization solutions provide ideal support for your applications. And finally, we provide multi-level security systems to protect your plants and operations in every situation and against any threat.

More information: Energy Storage System Solutions

Certified Telecontrol Protocols

Integration in virtual power stations compliant with 60870-5-101/103/104 standard MMS 61850-7-420.


Simple and secure maintenance through integrated functions of the M1 controller system.

Open Fieldbus Systems
  • CAN/CANopen/J1939
  • Modbus RTU/TCP, M-Bus
  • TCP/IP

The Bachmann System

We see the big picture and are always thinking one step ahead. Our innovative solutions ensure efficient plant engineering - intelligent, modern power plant automation looks exactly like this.

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Cutting-Edge Technology without Limits
Automate your power plant with Bachmann and be sure that we have accounted for every eventuality. Our innovative automation systems guarantee extraordinary robustness, maximum performance and open interfaces.

  • Open hardware and software
  • Ready-to-use
  • Equipped for climate challenges
  • Scalable and open
  • IEC-Standard benefits
  • Certified systems
M1 Steuerungssystem


All-in-One Engineering
Bachmann's SolutionCenter represents a milestone in reducing engineering costs. Within the framework of a single, all-in-one software solution, every aspect of the engineering process is covered - configuration, programming, control, motion, communication, safety, visualization, as well as testing and commissioning.

  • Component Manager
  • Programming tools
  • Testing / quality / simulation
  • Security / safety
  • Communication + visualization
  • Diagnostics + operations management

Scope 3 Data Recorder and Watchlist

Fast, Reliable Diagnostics
Whether during commissioning, troubleshooting or maintenance – the more modern and complex the automated plant, the more important it becomes to access transparent, system-wide information on process states and sequences. With the Bachmann SolutionCenter, M1 automation system users benefit from a complete diagnostics package in one software solution and a reliable data overview – in real time.

  • Scope 3: high speed data recording
  • Selective access database
  • Simple analysis of complex interrelationships
  • Streamlined service and maintenance
  • User-defined content
  • Integrated setpoint definition

Model Based Design

Simulation, Process and Control
The growing size of industrial plants, combined with the use of new technologies, is constantly increasing demands on automation. Leading manufacturers are responding to the growing complexity of operational control and the required control algorithms with new development techniques. These enable technically mature, highly available systems to be brought to market, whilst reducing development time.

  • Simulation
  • Quality and efficiency
  • Automatic code generation
  • Cost-effective

Efficient Power Plant Networking

Communication in every Language
When integrating different energy generation systems such as wind, PV, CHP, energy storage and consumers into existing grids, the biggest project implementation challenge is inter-system communication. Communicative controller systems and standardized protocols provide the solution.

  • Perfectly operated with Bachmann's M1 controller system
  • Prevents consequential damage
  • Application development in all languages
  • Fieldbus communication

The World of Visualization

Easily Create State-of-the-Art Visualizations
The proliferation of smartphones and tablets in recent years has placed considerably higher demands on visualization in the industrial sector and allowed innovative manufacturers to stand out from the competition. Bachmann offers a complete product portfolio for a wide range of visualization requirements, from local machine visualizations, to SCADA systems for plants, to private cloud solutions.

  • The right solution for any application
  • Maschine visualization
  • Plant visualization
  • Cloud-based visualization
  • Efficient engineering
  • Always see the complete solution

CHP Template

Save Time and Resources
As part of the M1 automation system, Bachmann's SolutionCenter provides CHP (Combined Heat and Power) developers and manufacturers with a customized CHP Template. The template provides solutions for the most frequent CHP operational tasks, such as all relevant functions for dynamic and static grid support according to the VDE-AR-N 4105 low-voltage directive and the BDEW medium-voltage directive. Click here for more information...

  • Rapidly implement new requirements
  • Ready-to-use with certified Bachmann hardware
  • Know-how protection included
  • Web visualization

Power Management

Energy Supply Solutions
The progressive electrification of every aspect of work and life provides many benefits, bringing greater convenience and an improved quality of life. To ensure energy-optimized solutions in production, buildings and infrastructures, there is a growing need for suitable measuring systems. Bachmann offers synergies through direct controller-integration, as well as certified compliance with the latest regulations.

  • Grid Measurement Modules
  • Simple scaling and integration
  • Plant and grid protection
  • Fault diagnostics
  • Plant and controller integration
  • Configuration and display

Safety Control

Safety without Compromise
Modern safety solutions, through the use of a programmable safety controller, allow the implementation of new functions that go far beyond the classic emergency cut-out. Bachmann offers a complete safety package - used successfully in a wide variety of applications under the toughest requirements.

  • Comprehensive, controlled safety technology
  • Benefits for manufacturers and operators


Know that Plants and Data are Secure
Modern plant and machine manufacturing requires access to controller networks and operator consoles via both intranet and internet. But this advanced networking could facilitate unauthorized access to unprotected plants. Unauthorized process manipulation can result in significant damage. Furthermore, complete intervention logging is now a statutory requirement in some sectors. Protection from unauthorized access and targeted rights assignment are therefore a top priority for plant networking.

  • Targeted access
  • Security ex works
    • Level 1: Protected network
    • Level 2: Tap-proof communication
    • Level 3: Authorized access control
    • Level 4: Hardened operating system
    • Level 5: Secure user applications

Secure Resources

Long-Term Availability in Energy Technology 
Power plants typically operate for decades and automation systems must guarantee long-term availability. In this context, long-term availability means, on the one hand, a long component service life and, on the other, the possibility to replace hardware modules or make seamless hardware and software system upgrades, even after 15 to 20 years of operation.

  • Highest quality standards
  • Intelligent component management
  • Climate tested and interference-free due to our EMC laboratory
  • Quality in series and high compatibility

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