Health & Usage Monitoring System Overview

  • CMS - Condition Monitoring System
  • SHM - Structural Health Monitoring
  • UNB - Unbalance Monitoring
  • CLS - Cantilever Sensor

Bachmann's HUMS (Health & Usage Monitoring System) combines our Condition Monitoring and Structural Monitoring expertise within a single package. Alongside classic drivetrain monitoring (CMS), rotor blade load monitoring (CLS), rotor imbalance detection, and Structural Monitoring of the tower have also been included to form one, holistic turbine monitoring system. Various sensors and evaluation algorithms are precisely tailored to each application, and are also available for retrofitting.

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Monitoring Software

Web visualizations provide a quick overview of plant health via Condition Monitoring Systems. In addition, WebLog Expert specialist software provides in-depth and detailed analysis of measurement data. This enables the customer to independently carry out an evaluation of monitoring data, following appropriate training.

CMS data, included in Wind Power SCADA (WPS), can be correlated with turbine operating data to show turbine status according to the 'traffic light principle'.

Remote Monitoring Service / Support

In addition to CMS hardware, software and measuring sensors, Bachmann offers a remote service in which plants are continuously monitored by our team of experts.

Regular reports concerning turbine condition and evaluations are provided: immediate notification of abnormalities enables preventative measures and targeted repairs. 

Structural Monitoring

Structural Monitoring is used to monitor the stability of all types of structures. Supplementing and replacing inspections, it enables service life analysis and service life extension, as well as verification of structural design.

Beginning with concept development and measurement equipment, Bachmann Monitoring offers customers an all-round service for structural monitoring, including data analysis and report generation.

It is also possible to use the 'observation method in accordance with EC7' to verify stability, or to provide supporting data for 'official approvals in individual cases' - to facilitate compliance with construction law.

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