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New version is now available!

Information about the new release

atvise® connect, our multiprotocol server, has been extended by two additional protocols

  •  MQTT: State-Of-The-Art protocol in the field of M2M communication, a lean communication standard in the area of IIot as well as cloud communication, with extremely efficient data transmission. 
  • KNX: the leading standard in the field of smart buildings, from the smart home to building management systems for large building complexes.

The new version of atvise® connect offers:

  • No proprietary solutions by relying on standardized interfaces
  • KNX: easy connection of all participants
  • MQTT: data transmission to other systems such as Cloud Solutions in the shortest possible time due to low configuration effort
  • Widely used, due to low complexity
  • Cost savings due to efficient transmission

Information about atvise® connect

High-performance data acquisition for industrial applications.

Implemented as a scalable and OPC-UA-capable multi-protocol server, atvise® connect expands the communication interfaces of atvise® hmi and atvise® scada. With our driver solution, we provide connectivity with a wide range of industrial controllers and ensure top level performance in industrial data acquisition.

Further information

The new release can be downloaded here:

Direct link to atvise® download area