Optimized System Costs

Whether with our low-cost package solution CMScompact, or with our modular high-end system CMSadvanced – we deliver the highest quality and safety every time, with every system.

Low Operating Costs

Perfectly matched components and straightforward connection to replacement third-party sensors ensure our CMScompact and CMSadvanced solutions deliver reliable data for successful maintenance and repair scheduling.

Minimal Installation Costs

From DIY installation to an all-inclusive package – CMScompact comes preassembled and fits easily into your operation following our instructions. With the right training, CMSadvanced can be installed by your own service personnel. Our experts provide commissioning support, on-site or remotely, as required.

Ideal for Cost-Effective Drivetrain Monitoring

CMScompact is intended for retrofitting and replacing defective drivetrain CMS solutions. CMScompact delivers an unbeatable price-performance ratio thanks to its low price and simple installation.

The Masterclass

CMSadvanced offers the ultimate in features and capabilities. It is perfectly designed for large-scale data aggregation, as well as near real-time local data analysis. The DNV-certified CMSadvanced is optimized to meet the requirements of modern multi-megawatt wind turbines, offering functional solutions for every drivetrain monitoring challenge – both onshore and offshore.

Compact or Scalable: Always High-Class

CMScompact vs. CMSadvanced – we deliver on your investment

Bachmann – high quality, many possibilities: As a producer and service provider, Bachmann combines decades of know-how in both product development and the analysis and evaluation of aggregated data. Our holistic condition monitoring knowledge flows into every development, generating optimized products at the highest level for every application.


With CMScompact, Bachmann sets the monitoring standard for mechanical drivetrain components in wind turbines: A focus on the essentials combined with Bachmann quality results in the perfect solution at a competitive price.

Features & Functions



Advanced applications for CMSadvanced

Sampling rate up to 
51.2 kHz

IEPE Sensors

Modular expandable input channels

Extension of the sensor scope for complex drive train designs and SHM tasks

Process data

Advanced signal processing and data correlation

DNV certified

Use in offshore environments

Ring buffer & continuous acquisition

Online trigger function in real time (e.g. data acquisition, WTG stop)

On-site data processing

Online trip capability (WTG shut down)

Additional plug-ins (event recording, unbalance monitoring, SHM)

Advanced monitoring tasks: In-depth analysis of events for root cause analysis, unbalance monitoring, structural monitoring.


CMScompact vs. CMSadvanced 
Both product lines are based on quality, robustness and intelligent system design. CMScompact and CMSadvanced are designed for different requirements and areas of application. CMScompact is the optimal low-cost solution that focuses on basic drivetrain monitoring, while CMSadvanced delivers a complex, expandable, and modular condition monitoring system for comprehensive wind turbine monitoring.

We account for everything

CMScompact provides reliable data aggregation and secure data transfer to our WebLog Interface – where all calculations are performed.

CMSadvanced,on the other hand, performs calculations locally, enabling status information to be utilized directly in system control. For example, to protect components through rapid intervention.


Holistic Thinking

Built on experience, equipped with multiple benefits

CMScompact provides an answer to the question: Is there a low-cost, robust and durable system that can provide reliable condition monitoring?


This is what sets CMScompact apart:

IEPE in place of MEMS – reliable sensors

CMScompact is equipped with high-quality IEPE sensors and enables sampling rates of up to 51.2 kHz. In combination with high sampling rates, IEPE sensors ensure a significantly higher signal quality compared to low-cost MEMS sensors, especially for critical low-speed components. They are also significantly more robust and durable. For us, only the best will do.

The Benefit – Clarity:
Installation and operating costs are minimal. The results of data analysis significantly improve the reliability of information for more effective maintenance and repair scheduling.

Standardized for trouble-free operation

With its preconfigured design, CMScompact is a standardized solution that perfectly meets every drivetrain monitoring requirement

The Benefit – Future-Oriented:
System costs are low and can be clearly quantified from the outset.

Quality data equals quality results

The foundation of reliable monitoring is the high-quality recording of sensor signals. With our CMScompact, we make no compromises. CMScompact feeds recorded data into our cloudbased WebLog suite, which carries out all relevant analyses and generates informative reports.

The Benefit – Comprehensive:
The WebLog suite not only accesses Bachmann‘s own CMS data, but also processes measurement data from 3rdparty CMS. Our system solution is best equipped for all wind farm configurations and also reduces training and system maintenance costs – just one software for monitoring, alarm generation, reporting, ticketing, and much more.

Compact systems and rapid retrofitting get condition monitoring up and running, fast.

CMScompact perfectly meets the market demand for a simple yet high-quality and secure CMS solution. The fixed components in our basic package work seamlessly in unison, enabling a wide range of applications. The CMScompact basic package is particularly suited to drivetrain monitoring for existing installations.

The CMScompact basic package includes: 

Item DescriptionTypeQuantity
Processor ModuleMX2071
Cage Clamp Terminal for PLCKZ 51/03 B1
Vibration Sensor Input ModuleAIC2141
Cage Clamp Terminal for AICKZ-AIC214 B+C1
BackplaneBS204 oder BS204/E1
Acceleration Sensor Type 1BAM100-M124
Acceleration Sensor Type 2BAM500-M122
Sensor Mounting KitSF86
Inductive Sensor BES02H01
Sensor Connection Cable12W-UNG 10m 3POL BK AIX5
Sensor Connection Cable12W-UNG 15m 3POL BK AIX2
HOFI Holger Fritsch
»CMScompact: Successful condition monitoring has never been easier or more reliable.« Holger Fritsch General Manager Bachmann Monitoring