It was a nice group of people who visited our headquarters in Feldkirch on Tuesday 13 February 2024.

The group included Henriette Spyra, MA (Head of the Innovation and Technology Section) and Michael Wiesmüller (Head of High Technology) from the Ministry for Climate Protection in Vienna and Dr Heinz Seyringer from V-Research GmbH in Dornbirn, while Bachmann was represented by CEO Bernhard Zangerl, Sales Manager Gabriel Schwanzer and Technology Manager Daniel Pfeifer.

Bernhard Zangerl presented Bachmann's history, facts and figures, and Ms Spyra and Mr Wiesmüller then focused their questions on the company's technology focus.

How does the company assess the development of chips and electronic components worldwide? What solutions does Bachmann offer in the wind energy sector? How important will the promotion of automation as such be in the world of tomorrow? - In the short time available, Bernhard Zangerl was only able to give a rough overview of the topics from the company's point of view. "Each of these important questions could usefully fill days of discussion," said the CEO.

Michael Wiesmüller's question - "What will you be living on in five years? - was easier to answer. - was easier to answer. In areas such as condition monitoring, retrofitting of existing systems and modern energy management, but also in shipbuilding with topics such as autonomous ship operation, environmentally friendly ship propulsion systems and intelligent standardisation, the company sees itself well positioned for a successful future well beyond the next five years.

The visitors felt innovation and passion not only in the lecture room at Bachmann, but at all levels during the tour of the company. The high level of vertical integration and extremely high quality standards were much admired and appreciated by the delegation.

It was a warm and informative meeting with a clear focus on the technological future.