M100-Testeinsatz bei Voith_01

"The Electric Voith Schneider Propeller with Decentralized I/O Station" was the title of Sven Hendrik Schmidt's Bachelor thesis at Voith, which he successfully completed last year. The I/O system in question was the new M100 from Bachmann.

Dirk Knollmann and Rainer Primosch handed over the developed M100 solution for field testing. Voith is currently testing the practical applications of the new control system and, using its experience with Bachmann’s predecessor M200 series, is helping the automation provider identify the final few adjustments before series production begins.

The M100 series already includes a wide range of modules for decentralized signal acquisition, processing, and output. Remote units are securely connected to the controller via standardized, real-time fieldbus couplers. One outstanding feature of the M100 is its extremely narrow module width.

At Voith, the M100 is mounted directly on the Voith Schneider Propeller (VSP) and is therefore exposed to strong vibrations. The Bachmann controller can hereby prove itself under the toughest conditions.


Voith also offers technologies and services for the maritime sector, for example for ship propulsion systems.

M100-Testeinsatz bei Voith_01

Vertically movable and controllable blades are mounted on a circular disc on the ship’s keel - between four and six, depending on the type - within the VSP. This design enables the VSP to generate thrust in any direction. Bachmann's M100 is part of the control system.

M100-Testeinsatz bei Voith_02

Last year, Voith used Bachmann's new M100 I/O System for the electric VSP for a bachelor thesis. The developed solution has now been officially provided to Voith for field testing: Kristian Wege, Arthur Schmidt, Dr Richard Popp, Michael Krauss, Andreas Ruoff, Christopher Reddig and Andreas Leger (from left) were there to receive it.

M100-Testeinsatz bei Voith_03

The new M100 I/O System from Bachmann is currently undergoing practical testing at Voith. The M100 is mounted directly on the Voith VSP, where it is exposed to strong vibrations. The Bachmann system is now proving itself under the toughest conditions.

M100-Testeinsatz bei Voith_04

Fotocredit: Bachmann