M100 im Schaltschrank

Bachmann electronic receives the coveted Red Dot Design Award this year. The automation specialist prevailed in the international competition and has just been honored in the "Product Design" category for its M100 input/output system. This also gives Bachmann's automation system a special place in the Red Dot Design Museum. For one year, it will be part of the special exhibition "Design on Stage" and presented to thousands of visitors on the grounds of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Zeche Zollverein in Essen, Germany.

"We are extremely pleased to have won the Red Dot Award for M100, as it confirms our efforts to have developed a product that is particularly user-friendly and also looks good," says Daniel Pfeifer, Technical Director at Bachmann, enthusiastically.

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The M100 input/output system not only stands out from the market standard due to its visual appearance, but also impressed the jury with its technical innovations.

An important external feature is its compactness: the M100 series is only about half as wide as its predecessor. This was made possible by an innovative housing design that enables a much greater density of functions. This gives the customer's development engineers decisive advantages when planning space in the control cabinet, which in turn increases efficiency. Thanks to the use of aluminum as the housing material, the M100 series is also very robust and can withstand extreme environmental influences. This applies, for example, to shock, vibration, humidity and low and high temperatures.

A QR code is also applied to the clearly designed display panel for signaling the module status. It can be read with any standard smartphone. The device designation, article and serial number as well as the connection diagram, data sheet and installation instructions are displayed immediately. The M100 series is configured in a newly developed, web-based section of the tried-and-tested Bachmann SolutionCenter tool. The new configurator saves a considerable amount of engineering time.

The features of the M100 series stand out from the market standard and made it the winner of this year's award, as emphasized not only by the jury but also by Daniel Pfeifer: "The M100 stands out among industrial controllers because we have implemented robustness, durability, user-friendliness and performance without compromise. The Red Dot Award confirms that we have achieved these goals."

The award ceremony took place on June 24, 2024 in the historic Aalto Theater in Essen.

M100 im Schaltschrank

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The Red Dot Design Award is a globally renowned competition that is one of the most coveted seals of quality for design. The **jury divides the award into three disciplines - product design, communication design and design concept. In the "Product Design" category, prizes are awarded to finished products with industrial series production that impress with their outstanding design.