Information about the new release

With many new features, our latest atvise® release is waiting to help increase efficiency in your projects!

Separation of graphics and logic

This feature enables atvise® users to use component-based engineering of dynamizations and self-created logics. Dynamizations which have already been created can thus be used in a simple manner as central logic components by several graphical objects at the same time. The user has full control and can decide at any time whether logic should be moved in or out. This saves valuable time in the implementation and maintenance of projects, since a change in a centralized logic component immediately affects all referenced graphic objects.


Dynamic import/export of historical archives

With this feature, operators are provided with an archive management in the atvise® visualization that enables the manual and cyclical storage and retrieval of archive files. Cyclic saving of the project database can also be parameterized with the component. Archived data can thus be stored on external storage media without any additional programming effort. This means that any archiving strategy can be implemented and the operator can control the amount of data to be actively retained in the runtime system. If the outsourced data is required for the creation of evaluations or data analyses, it can be stored again at any time via the archive management. And as soon as an archive is moved back into storage, all atvise® tools can be used to analyze the data. Thus, nothing stands in the way of data analysis via the included trend component or the historical list.


Import/Export for version control

In order to provide complete transparency to changes in atvise® projects, atvise® 3.5 is being extended with an import and export interface for version control of projects. This allows entire atvise® projects to be managed easily using proven tools such as GIT or SVN. Each atomic change to an atvise® project is thus fully visible in a traceable history and implemented components can be exchanged efficiently within a project team. The feature also brings advantages in the variant management of different project versions. Once the project has been versioned, multiple versions and variants of a project can be managed. As soon as an update is released, it can be checked out from a repository and conveniently imported into the currently running atvise® project, without interrupting ongoing operational processes.

Further information

The new release can be downloaded here:

Direct link to the atvise® download area