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Condition Monitoring Consultancy (CMC) delivers knowledge and experience right into the palm of your hand. Our qualified consultants give you access to a wealth of know-how to help you make better informed decisions.

Choose the CMC team as your reliable, trusted partner to unlock the full potential of strategic condition monitoring (CM) with hard-wearing operational solutions and smooth, customized implementation.

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Our service portfolio

Problem Solving & Corrective Actions

Our team is ready to respond rapidly to an acute failure and get your installation back up and running as soon as possible, reducing the cost of downtime. We carry out a detailed analysis to identify the source of the failure and avoid any future recurrence in this or other similar plants.

Strategic Maintenance & Risk Management

CMC will design a maintenance strategy according to your business model and your risk management preferences to deliver the fastest possible ROI and put you in control of your maintenance strategy.

Root Cause Analysis & FMEA

We apply our expertise & experience, current research and industry regulations to analyze the cause of failures and deliver a comprehensive Failure Mode & Effects Analysis (FMEA); a critical component for reducing the cost of maintenance and selecting the best outsourcing model for CM processes.

Independent Advice

The CMC team is qualified and certified to act as a neutral expert.

Your Greatest Asset – Knowledge

Wind turbine owners and operators alike are facing increasing pressure to deliver higher productivity, affordable energy, and better investor returns. The knowledge hidden in your daily CM data is the key to optimizing your entire maintenance strategy, tapping into potential cost savings, reducing downtime, and relieving this pressure. 

Let our CM consultants help you unlock the enormous benefits from a strategic approach to condition monitoring, including predictive maintenance, LTE and LCOE.

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5 reasons to partner with Bachmann:

Expert knowledge

Bachmann CMC consultants contribute directly to the creation of new international standards and can provide critical insights into the entire technology chain.


Every consultant is independently certified to CAT-3 or CAT-4 of ISO 18436-2 for the condition monitoring and diagnostics of machine systems.


As the consulting body of a hardware manufacturer, independence is of the upmost importance to us, which is why our solutions are always manufacturer neutral.

Practical experience

With many years of field experience, independent research and development, as well as close collaboration with academic institutions, Bachmann consultants provide expert advice extending far beyond the current state of the art.


As the global market leader in wind turbine automation, the Bachmann Group has the network and resources to support your every need.

Your benefits

  • Access to a clear perspective based on many years of monitoring experience in the field
  • Access to the latest, most up-to-date industry knowledge and CM tools
  • Independent, neutral advice
  • Access to the technical expertise of the Bachmann Group without any obligation to implement Bachmann technology
  • Tailor-made maintenance strategy for your unique installation and business model

Vibration Analysis Training

Complete your vibration analyst qualifications (Cat 1, 2 or 3) with Bachmann Monitoring at our Training Center in Rudolstadt, Germany.

Click here to find out more.

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Feedback from our customers:

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»With your wealth of experience in the field of condition monitoring, steam turbines, gas turbines, wind turbines and auxiliary plants, I am sure that your clients will get a lot out of the services that Bachmann offer. It was very good working with you.« Neil Brinkworth Former Condition Monitoring Engineer at UNIPER TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED
»Great training! I really enjoyed it, participating with my colleagues and discussing also specific - for myself relevant - application cases with the experienced CM trainer.« Tobias Becker Development Engineer at Project House Digital Products and Predictive Maintenance T&I