CAE/CAD Data That Makes Many Things Easier.

High-end automation components form the basis for powerful solutions and the financial success of our customers. Development, project engineering and documentation play a key role along the different stations in the life cycle of machines and plants. For this reason, the electrical and mechanical design of switch cabinets is increasingly being carried out with 3D supported programs that can ensure the optimum positioning of components and cabling.

Bachmann electronic is supporting its customers in the areas of advanced engineering and efficiency with 3D models in the standard and universal STEP format (STandard for the Exchange of Product model data; ISO 10303). Modules of the M1 automation system, the different operator terminal series and IPCs are continuously updated and are being made available as ready-to-use 3D data. Most of the latest 3D design software packages offer suitable import interfaces for this as standard.

Bachmann provides customers and users with the electrical CAD and 3D data of its automation products free of charge and is working to continuously to add the latest products. As the formats on offer are supported by a wide range of CAD products and also the engineering processes vary considerably, the completeness, functionality with all products or conformity for a particular workflow cannot be guaranteed.

With devices with the same mechanical dimensions, only the 3D CAD data for one device is provided in the library. Text files for the other devices are provided as a reference, which describe the device to be used.