What makes the SPPC stand out:

  • Certified controller software on reliable and proven hardware 
  • 7000 energy control systems installed worldwide controlling roughly 86 GW of energy within the park controller sector over the previous decade
  • The user and access management covers a multi-stage security concept based on IEC 62443
  • Hybrid park controller for any type of topology, cascading and connection interface
  • Supports different energy regulation functions (active & reactive power control, voltage control) and provides most common, country-specific grid codes: The SPPC is prepared for multiple types of application around the world.

10 reasons to choose the SPPC


The SPPC is "one-size-fits-all" with an enormous range of possible applications and easy connection with energy producers, energy meters, direkt marketers and traders.


Users no longer have to operate, maintain and service multiple controllers: All system topologies and power generation unit (PGU) types (including storage tanks) can be implemented with the Bachmann controller, which offers a modular hardware concept.

Reliable and robust

Proven, reliable technology saves on maintenance costs further down the line.


Minimize the risk of cyber attacks with integrated user and access management  

Safe and compliant

Implementation of the highest safety standards for the operation of power generation plants according to IEC 62443. All system values and production data are securely stored.

Visualization included

No additional costs for system visualization. Easy on-board visualization through the Bachmann controller web server.  Clear, straightforward visualization - quick and easy to roll out.

Faster project planning

A range of in-built functions enable faster project planning without additional training, saving time and money.

Faster configuration and commissioning

The visualization supports the user both during commissioning and later during operation (during startup and shutdown, cluster and prioritization management, etc).


Users can easily react to future energy park changes thanks to hardware and software expansion options within the Bachmann Bachmann product portfolio, including the highest-level grid measurement modules.

SCADA integration

The SPCC can be fully integrated in Bachmann's Wind Power SCADA (WPS) with the full range of monitoring and operational functions.

Updates for the US market

With the latest update to the Smart Power Plant Controller (SPPC), control methods have been extended specifically for use in the United States to meet applicable US grid requirements.

The SPPC offers new support of closed-loop voltage control, compensation of line losses for voltage control with long distances between park controller and transfer point, as well as the U(Q) characteristic. Likewise, active power and reactive power can be limited in the event of control deviations.

With MATLAB® Simulink the SPPC already supports a high-performance simulation environment. Moreover, it is now possible to carry out simulation and analysis with the established PowerFactory software from DIgSilent and PSCAD. Generic functional mock-up unit models (FMUs) can also be used in the simulation environments.

The new functionalities have been supplemented in the commissioning visualization and monitoring visualization. Effective immediately: the SPPC can be fully integrated into Bachmann's Wind Power SCADA.


Introducing the SPPC

An energy park consists of power generation units (PGU), such as wind turbines (WTGs), CHP units, photovoltaic installations (PVs) or battery storage systems, as well as consumers (hybrid farms). There are increasing pressures to combine and control these as single generation plants by a controller at the point of common coupling.

The Smart Power Plant Controller (SPPC) offers the required functionality for controlling different energy generators and components combined to form a higher-level power station, is fully certified to relevant international standards (VDE-AR-N 4110/4120), and delivers the highest levels of security to reduce the risk of cyber attacks. 

Running on proven Bachmann hardware, the SPPC has been developed as a software module that provides all the necessary functions and setpoint definitions for both active and reactive power. 

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