On land and at sea - implementing modern energy supplies

Almost everything requires a reliable supply of energy, preferably generated from renewable sources, cleverly converted, delivered in a stable manner and operated autonomously. This leads to the topic of intelligent energy supply and equally complex energy management.

At our Symposium 2024, we will provide insights into technological implementations and compare solutions in shipbuilding and onshore energy supply.

On land and at sea - we combine two industries in one theme, because learning from each other means benefiting from each other.

Registration for the 2. Technology Symposium

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Experts and speakers

SMA: Michael Krug

DLR: Dr. Robert Beckmann

MAN: Michael Kramer

beseke: Robert Balla-Nostitz

ieet: Christoph Klie

M&P: Stefan Büchner

2G: Frank Grewe

Bachmann: Dirk Knollmann

Bachmann: Michael Backhaus

Bachmann: Frank Zdrallek

Bachmann: Janine Buchwald-Nolte

Bachmann: Gabriel Schwanzer

Bachmann: Ronald Epskamp

and many more...


Moderation at the highest level.

The symposium will be moderated by the renowned HANSA publishing house. HANSA Verlag is also our host at the Maritime Museum/Deck 10 and is supporting the organisation of the symposium - many thanks!

Moderation_Symposium klein

The programme

DAY 1 ::: Wednesday, 24.04.2024 from 18:00 Uhr

18.00 UhrOfficial welcome by Bachmann and HANSA
18.15 UhrNetworking - relaxed lounge evening
22.00 UhrLast order

DAY 2 ::: Thursday, 25.04.2024 full day

09.10 UhrGood morning and here we go > 
Brief introduction of the guest speakers and what to expect today
09.20 UhrPROLOGUE: Energy supply - modern, innovative and renewable

Block I: Topic

09.40 UhrContribution 1 > BLACK-OUT and no one notices!
Bordesholm - Powering an entire municipality with renewable energies
(Ref.: Michael Krug - SMA Solar Technology AG)
10.10 UhrContribution 2 > From rookie to swimming champion - when 
when renewable energies learn to swim.
Integration of renewable energies on ships
(Ref.: Dr. Robert Beckmann - Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR) Institut für Vernetzte Energiesysteme)
10.40 UhrCoffee-Break
11.00 UhrContribution 3 > Then we'll do it ourselves - 
Renewable energy generation for industrial large-scale use
Integration of renewable energy at an industrial site using modern energy park technology
(Ref.: Michael Kramer - MAN Energy Solutions SE)
11.30 UhrContribution 4 > No more guesswork: MarESiS = energy concept precisely calculated!
Maritime energy simulation for the design of electrical and hybrid ship systems
(Ref.: Robert Balla-Nostitz - besecke GmbH & Co. KG)
12.00 UhrSpeed panel discussion > Experts + audience
Energy on land and at sea: one question, four answers
12.40 UhrLunch break

Block II: Topic

13.40 UhrContribution  5 > Smart is the new sexy, or how we manage energy in an elegant way.
Smart Power Plant Controller - A solution for controlling various types of energy generators
(Ref.: Janine Buchwald-Nolte - Bachmann electronic GmbH)
14.10 UhrContribution  6 > Just swim in the current without losing
DC network topology on ships
(Ref.: Christoph Klie - Technische Universität Hamburg, ieet)
14.40 UhrContribution 7 > The same is not automatically the same
Operation of multiple converters in parallel from a single DC on-board power supply
(Ref.: Stefan Büchner - Motion Control & Power Electronics GmbH)
15.10 UhrCoffee-Break
15.30 UhrContribution 8 > A smart double
Power-to-gas-to-power plants: Combined heat and power generation from surplus renewable energy production
(Ref.: Frank Grewe - 2G Energy AG)
16.00 UhrContribution 9 > Contribution not yet confirmed
Contribution not yet confirmed
(Ref.: not yet confirmed - Company)
16.30 UhrEPILOG: Summary, conclusion and thank you
16.45 UhrNetworking - Lounge in a relaxed atmosphere
19.00 UhrEnd of the event

Organisation und costs

Event flat rate 165,- EUR per participant.

International Maritime Museum Hamburg
Kaispeicher B
Koreastraße 1
20457 Hamburg

Bachmann electronic GmbH

Services included:
Included in the flat rate for the symposium: 
April 24,2024 from 6pm to 10pm

  • Get-Together-Lounge with snacks and drinks

April 25, 2024 from 9:30am to 7pm

  • Event catering with snacks and drinks
  • Lunch including drinks
  • Networking lounge with snacks and drinks

Not included are services such as:

  • Arrival and departure
  • Accommodation - we are happy to help with the choice of hotel
  • Parking fees
  • Drinks and food consumption outside the event
  • Fellow travellers


Register now for the 2. Technology Symposium in Hamburg!
Take the opportunity and join us on April 24 & 25, 2024 in Hamburg. 
Secure your place and discover innovative technology trends.