Bachmann's Wind Power SCADA, WPS for short, is based on the atvise® SCADA software, which can be connected to any visualization device, e.g. smartphones, tablets, PCs or HMIs. Users can get an overview of everything from individual turbine details to the entire wind farm, regardless of the end devices used. This creates a suitable basis for every operating level - from the control center to the wind farm management to the individual turbine. You have secure access to the application from anywhere in the world with almost any display device, provided you have the appropriate authorization.

The answers were provided by:

Janine Buchwald-Nolte
Product Manager Wind in the Automation division


Why did Bachmann Electronic GmbH launch the solution on the market at that time?

The introduction of Wind Power SCADA (WPS) was a strategic decision by Bachmann to meet the growing demand in the renewable energy sector and to strengthen our position as a leading automation manufacturer for wind energy generation systems. At that time, we experienced a significant increase in the number of projects in the renewable energy sector; in particular, projects involving wind energy generation systems. And we wanted to develop a flexible SCADA solution. We wanted to be able to offer manufacturers a comprehensive product range. This turned out to be the right approach.

How has the solution evolved up to now?

Wind Power SCADA (WPS) is still based on the proven technology from Bachmann Visutec (formerly Certec), namely atvise® scada. In recent years, the visualization has been modernized to facilitate current operating practices in line with the way apps are commonly used today. New features, improved analysis options, provision of statistical data, and performance upgrades ensure faster project engineering, a better overview of the energy plant, and enable greater efficiency.


For which application programs has the solution has been (particularly) effective? What properties are particularly popular?

First and foremost, WPS is implemented in wind power plants, where flexibility and attention to detail are key requirements. Bachmann Electronic GmbH has two great advantages, namely that we are an automation manufacturer, and the fact that our hardware currently controls more than 140,000 wind energy generation systems. And for good measure, with WPS we offer a SCADA system that brings together the data collected across the entire wind power plant.

In particular, our customers really like the ability to create user-specific views. This means configuring dashboards with custom value boxes, tables, figures, and diagrams - all in a single user interface, without developer tools and without rebooting.


What does the future roadmap look like? Is there already a follow-up or is one planned?

Today, WPS is not used exclusively for wind energy generation systems, but also for hybrid energy plants. Bachmann's certified EZA controller is the SPPC (Smart Power Plant Controller). The SPPC is fully integrated into WPS and it enables detailed mapping of solar installations, battery storage systems, and other components.

Bachmann will also offer ongoing maintenance and improvements of WPS in the future. In the years to come, continuity of the data flow will be a particular challenge. This challenge also impacts our latest development: A higher-level master WPS that consolidates various plant WPS systems, presents them in a clear and organized manner, shows correlations, and consequently offers holistic monitoring of the entire fleet.