Access Control – Security and Access Protection

  • Secure authentication
  • Access handler and encryption module
  • Logging

During times of possible, targeted cyber attacks on energy facilities, secure access to wind farms and individual turbines is crucial. An end-to-end access control system - from dial-in at the controller, to the SCADA system; along with access and modification logging, offers the highest level of protection. The modular design of the access handler and encryption module allows the implementation of customer-specific encryption algorithms.


Wind Power SCADA

  • Open, web-based SCADA system
  • IEC 61400-25 data structures
  • CMS data integration
  • SMCS – cascading SCADA solution

Wind Power SCADA (WPS) has been developed to meet the specific monitoring, control, and data management requirements of wind farms and turbines. Based on atvise SCADA, it includes all the benefits of a web-based development (HTML5/SVG/Responsive Design). In addition, the standardized data structure, in accordance with IEC 61400-25, ensures a uniform operation and 'look and feel' - even with multiple turbine types in one system.

The integration of Condition Monitoring data in correlation with turbine data offers a major advantage when it comes to turbine maintenance and fault analysis.

A Strategy Management and Control System (SMCS) can also be used to combine and clearly display SCADA systems from independent parks.

The integrated reporting system offers vast possibilities for report creation. Reports can be created for a defined time period, as well as automatically with a predefined time interval. They are stored on the server and can be displayed, fully integrated, via the WPS interface. Report content includes extensive performance and characteristic features, as well as a comprehensive alarm table. All information can be individually mapped in the WPS.


WebMI - Turbine Visualization

  • Web visualization
  • Focused representation
  • Flexible upgrades
  • IEC 61400-25 data structures

We also rely on atvise webMI technology for turbine operation. The visualization displays all turbine values, parameters and alarms - clear table presentation and simple design enable effective on-site operation.

Turbine visualization can also be specifically adapted and upgraded using standard development tools. The turbine can also be operated remotely thanks to the browser-based visualization, which is loaded from the integrated controller web server.

The access security concept, in addition to providing authorized login and logging, also ensures that write access is granted on a location-specific basis.

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