From hardware to software, analysis to consulting – every Bachmann Condition Monitoring System (CMS) solution is based on over 50 years of experience. With thousands of installations monitored worldwide by our DNV-certified monitoring systems and services, you can trust Bachmann to take care of your machine.

Our Solutions

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Drivetrain Health Monitoring

Condition Monitoring of the drivetrain

Turm Windenergieanlage
Structural Health Monitoring

Condition Monitoring of the tower and foundations

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Blade Health Monitoring

Condition Monitoring of the rotor blades

Monitoring Accessories

Wind Power SCADA, customized solutions and much more

HUMS: One for All

Our individual CMS services can also be combined into a customized monitoring solution. 

We call it HUMS.

HUMS (or Health & Usage Monitoring System) is a combination of Bachmann condition monitoring and structural health monitoring expertise. In addition to classic drive train monitoring (CMS), we also offer load monitoring of the rotor blades, unbalance detection, and structural monitoring of the tower. We combine these components to deliver holistic monitoring of the entire turbine.

To learn more about HUMS, download our white paper, or contact us: Whitepaper: Towards a Health and Usage Monitoring System for Wind Turbines.

Remote Monitoring Services


Our remote monitoring team is made up of dedicated analysts who ensure that all diagnostic data is clearly communicated to the team.

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1. Full Service

With our Full Service package, Bachmann takes on all condition monitoring processes on behalf of our customers. We host your data and fully commission all systems, including after the replacement of drivetrain components. We screen all data for anomalies, and create diagnostics reports via the WebLog ticket system to accurately document any identified defects.

2. Data Pre-Screening

This early detection service includes data hosting and covers the routine daily processes for checking data quality and alarms. Our pre-screening service removes all alarms which relate to pre-existing conditions, transient conditions or data quality issues. 

3. Data Hosting from BAM

Bachmann Monitoring (BAM) provides the data access our customers require to carry out their own monitoring, without the need for expensive IT infrastructure. With our data hosting solution, you take full responsibility for your own monitoring services via a cloud solution. 

4. Self Hosting

If our customers wish to take their data in house, then we are happy to provide the necessary support, including a license package and technical support.

The CMS Process

Condition Monitoring with Bachmann is more than just vibration measurement. We provide:

  • Advanced hardware solutions
  • Innovative, web-based analytics software
  • Onsite installation, commissioning and project management support
  • Certified, flexible remote monitoring services
  • Education and training for independent monitoring

Our modular approach allows you to select the appropriate measurement technologies for your needs, and couple this with the right software solutions and plug-ins for the exact characteristics of your machines.

Condition Monitoring Consultancy

A strategic approach to condition monitoring identifies potential cost savings and helps to avoid unforeseen operational downtime. Our CM consultants transform predictive maintenance, lifetime extension (LTE) and levelized cost of energy (LCOE) into tangible benefits and realistic impact on the bottom line.

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CMC simply clear

Leading the Way to Wind Energy 5.0

Predictive Maintenance

The right mix of predictive, preventive and reactive maintenance is key to keeping the cost of repair to a minimum.

Minimum Unplanned Downtime

Sound knowledge of component life cycles enables well-planned maintenance, reducing unplanned downtime.

Limit Consequential Damage

Responding to an impending failure before damage occurs keeps consequential damage to a minimum.

Lifetime Extension (LTE)

Component life cycles can be significantly extended through an optimized operating strategy.

Lower Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE)

Reducing maintenance costs and extending component lifecycles lowers the total cost of ownership and, with it, the cost of energy produced.

Controller-Integrated CMS

No separate system required - Bachmann's CMS can be seamlessly integrated into the controller system.

Current Highlights

A selection of our current innovations in condition monitoring:

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Structural Health Monitoring

Bachmann draws on decades of experience in wind turbine automation. 

With thousands of DNV-certified monitoring systems worldwide, and customized Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) solutions, we deliver a tailor-made service according to your unique requirements, either pre-build or as a retrofit.

Structural Health Monitoring

SHM Header Bild

CMScompact - performance to suit your needs

With CMScompact, Bachmann sets the monitoring standard for mechanical drivetrain components in wind turbines.

Focus on the essentials combined with Bachmann quality results in the perfect solution at a competitive price.



Cantilever Sensor - it’s the simple things that impress the most

Simple: Using a robust, industry-standard distance sensor, the Cantilever Sensor converts strain measurement into a stable, fault-resistant distance measurement. For example, the measurement signal must not first be transformed from an optical to an electrical signal – a process that is often prone to faults. 

Robust: Thanks to its measurement principle, the Cantilever Sensor features a robust design and is easy to install. It also facilitates a very long service and operational life with little maintenance necessary.

Reliable: Despite its very robust design, the Cantilever Sensor acquires extremely accurate and reliable data. 

Cantilever Sensor


From ROI to Profitability

Experience based on the installation of more than 140,000 turbines. 

Decades of monitoring experience with over 9,000 wind energy projects worldwide. 

Maximum-availability systems. Fundamental research and Artificial Intelligence.

Bachmann electronic, global market leader in wind turbine automation, is building a new era in Condition Monitoring for onshore and offshore wind.

Predictable Profitability


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