Hardware Architecture

  • Controller Engineering
  • Multicore Technology
  • I/O and Technology - Modules

Bachmann's automation portfolio is ideally suited for wind turbine operation. Highly modular and scalable processor modules (CPUs) and I/Os provide the ideal foundation for controller engineering in every turbine class. State-of-the-art, multicore processors are perfect for high-performance applications, such as highly dynamic control tasks and integrated CMS, leading to enhanced security and future expandability.


Software Architetecture

  • Multitasking architecture
  • Programming / model-based engineering / safety
  • WTT technology and architecture

The efficient control and regulation of wind turbines requires a modular software structure. The multitasking software architecture of Bachmann's automation system is THE basis for programming, regardless CPU performance class. A wide variety of technologies and programming languages such as IEC 61131-3 ,C/C++ or Safety can employed for functions such as operational control. Fast control programs and complex mathematical calculations can be integrated directly into the controller from Matlab® / Simulink® (M-Target) as a software module or library.

The Wind Turbine Templates (WTT) software package provides turbine software architecture in accordance with IEC 61400-25. Configuration of the standardized interface automatically generates the operations control software framework. Plant-specific processes and algorithms can be easily introduced. The standard interface thus also serves as the basis for controller implementation (M-Target) and data generation for integration into the SCADA system.



  • OPC UA (DA/AC)
  • IEC interfaces (61400-25/61850)

When it comes to communication, Bachmann relies on the standards. OPC UA is supported as a server and client on the controller. Wind Power SCADA also uses OPC UA for live data connection in accordance with IEC 61400-25 data structures.

Full integration of the most common power protocols, such as IEC 61850/MMS or IEC 60870-101/-103/-104 completes the portfolio, especially in the field of power generation.

In addition to the standardized interface according to IEC 61400-25, the WTT also offers availability calculations in accordance with IEC 61400-26.


Integrated Monitoring

  • Integrated Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitoring of the drivetrain, bearings or wind turbine blades enables early-stage damage detection and for repairs to be carried our at scheduled maintenance intervals.

The full integration of a Condition Monitoring System into the wind turbine controller also offers other advantages. In addition to the correlation of turbine measurement and operating data, measurements can also be integrated into control algorithms in real time: this leads to load reduction and production instead of downtime.


Engineering / Diagnostics / Service

  • Engineering Tools
  • M1Service Center
  • Scope

The holistic approach to turbine automation is also at the heart of diagnostics and service. The Solution Center engineering tool, for example, provides detailed access to the controller, all M1 hardware and software operations, and the programming environments.

M-Scope, the software oscilloscope, enables precise data recording and evaluation. This allows important information to be logged, and then evaluated against reference curves, particularly during wind turbine commissioning.

Bachmann also offers a customized solution for the service/maintenance of existing plants: the M1 Service Center. Predefined process steps for backups, updates or replacing the CPU, for example, can be compiled from an extensive catalog and started programmatically for a single turbine or even for the entire park. End-of-run reports provide quality assurance.


Grid Monitoring and Protection

  • Integratable grid measurement module
  • Highly accurate grid measurement
  • Monitoring and protection

The GMP232 Grid Measurement Module, which can be directly integrated into the controller system, monitors and measures turbine energy feed. The module offers highly accurate measurement and energy metering, as well as configurable protection functions with shutdown relays. Integrated into the module, a real-time data recorder (with event log) provides data for analysis in the event of a fault.

With the Smart Power Plant Controller (SPPC), Bachmann has developed a product that offers the required functionality for controlling different energy generators and components, combined to form a higher-level power station. The SPPC is also fully compliant with the new ­VDE-AR-N-4120:2018 and VDE-AR-N-4110 standards.


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