The M1 automation system’s AIC modules offer a vibration monitoring solution that can be fully integrated with the control system. However your CMS hardware alone will not help you to detect or prevent failure. This can only be achieved with the appropriate software to carry out the advanced signal processing and generate the appropriate characteristic values.

Bachmann have developed the software to support the systems and the packages for the required data processing which allows our teams to provide you with expert advice.  

CMSSTD is our controller software which runs on your hardware system. CMSSTD supports system set-up through a browser-based interface used by the installers on site, carries out the advanced signal processing using our own order tracking algorithms to enhance the  accuracy and repeatability of our results and also controls the storage and communication of the results locally and back to the central server.

In addition to the vibration analysis algorithms, our latest upgrade to this software enables continuous recording and event recording. We have also added functionality to monitor the availability of the controller. 

Our new modular approach has allowed us to offer certain extended functionality as plugins, the first of which is our Blade Unbalance Calculator. We are currently developing a range of these plugins to CMSSTD which will provide enhanced monitoring capabilities, through which the Bachmann CMS will become a truly holistic system.

From version 2.00 onwards CMSSTD is a licensed product. For existing customers upgrading from earlier versions the license will be provided free of charge, as and when required. Run time licenses are also required for the plugins. The software can also run with the GIO212 modules where lower sampling rates will give sufficient monitoring capabilities.


Condition Monitoring System Standard Software

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System overview