The M200 automation system’s modules offer a vibration monitoring solution that can be fully integrated with the control system. 

The CMSSTD software application developed for the Bachmann automation system covers the complete processing of measurement data, from data acquisition and analysis to the automatic, encrypted data transmission to the WebLog Server. 

The CMSSTD web interface is used to commission the CMS. The status, test measurements and reporting are available via this interface both on-site and via remote access for service. 

In addition, CMSSTD offers a number of optional extensions, so-called plugins:

  • Event Recorder 
    The Event Recorder can be used to save measurement data from the ring buffer at an event for detailed analysis. The Event Recorder can also access data before the event trigger. The recording is triggered by a status variable, which allows the use on the controller as well as by external signals. 
  • Structural Health Monitoring (CMSSHM) 
    This plugin provides the complete range for monitoring of structures. The measurement data, typically continuously recorded with the GIO212 module, are analyzed by CMSSHM and then automatically transferred to the WebLog Server. Detailed information can be found in the CMSSHM data sheet. 
  • Blade Unbalance Calculator 
    The Blade Unbalance Calculator – a plugin for the CMSSTD software from Bachmann Monitoring – allows the calculation of the mechanical rotor blade unbalance. Detailed information can be found in the Blade Unbalance Calculator data sheet.

As of version 2.0, CMSSTD, as well as the associated plugins, are licensed products for which runtime licenses are required. The software can be used with the AIC modules as well as with the GIO212 module.


Condition Monitoring System Standard Software

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System overview