Retrofit vs. Repowering

Wind turbine retrofitting replaces obsolete technical components with new ones, ensuring the continued operation of the turbine. Compared to repowering, where a new plant is constructed at the same location, retrofitting is significantly more cost-effective and often eliminates the need for recertification. Furthermore, a complete retrofit optimizes the plant with higher software and parameter transparency.

The Bachmann portfolio within the retrofit sector ranges from standardized software development in accordance with IEC 61400-25, through to state-of-the-art interfaces such as OPC UA and SCADA systems. We also provide optimal solutions for grid measurement and pitch control for complete and partial retrofits.

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Retrofit Process

In the case of a complete retrofit of the wind turbine control system, an initial system inventory (HW/SW) including performance measurements is followed by an analysis of the data and communication interfaces. Potential optimization areas can be identified at this point. 

This is followed by control software/controller reprogramming, including documentation, I/O and event lists, and load calculations with Wind Turbine Templates (WTT).

Following testing under laboratory conditions (HIL/SIL), installation and commissioning can take place. The integration of complementary products, such as Condition Monitoring, can significantly increase efficiency, enhance service life, and improve effectiveness.


Wind Turbine Templates (WTT)

The Wind Turbine Template (WTT) software package architecture for the M1 system allows for flexible and simple implementation of operations management and control of a wind turbine. This makes it ideally suited for the development of a full retrofit.

Configurable signals according to IEC 61400-25 data structures (wind energy standard) provide the framework for automatic data/variable generation in Wind Power SCADA (WPS).


WebMI - Turbine Visualization

On-site turbine operation is ensured throughout retrofit process thanks to the controller-based "M1 webMI" web visualization solution.

The Wind Turbine Template (WTT) software package, with its standardized data structures according to IEC 61400-25, provides the ideal basis for a clear representation.


Condition Monitoring Systems (CMS)

With wind turbine retrofits, operators can prepare for continuing operation over the following years. However, the installation of a Condition Monitoring System (CMS) is a further step in ensuring that this can actually take place. Condition Monitoring of the main components, such as the drivetrain, gearbox or rotor blades helps to detect damage at an early stage and to schedule maintenance effectively.

As the only automation manufacturer to offer a fully controller-integrated CMS, an integrated retrofit with Bachmann comes with numerous benefits.

Bachmann also provides a wide range partial retrofit solutions.


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