The portfolio begins with the GM260, which is suitable for energy monitoring according to ISO 50001, operational machine control, and power consumption related fault detection. A remanent 4Q power meter per circuit calculates active and reactive power independently from the PLC.

For use in power generation systems and virtual power plants, the GMP232/x2 family adds extremely fast and accurate continuous RMS measurements, fundamental extraction, and symmetrical components while meeting CAT IV according to IEC 60664. Outstanding frequency accuracy of 1mHz, with 12 updates per cycle ensures easy tracking even within weak microgrids or islanded regions. Configurable digital protection functions ensure grid code compliance and system self-protection. The built-in transient fault recorder logs 10kHz waveform data in IEEE C37.111 and IEC 60255-24 COMTRADE format and continuously delivers this data to user applications on the CPU. Grid events are logged with globally-synchronized timestamps to analyze any deviations with relation to other reference points. Harmonic analysis directly on the module provides spectral data up to the 50th harmonic along with related distortion factors, which allows an objective evaluation of power quality.

Finally, the GSP274 family adds automatic synchronization to the busbar or grid combined with VDE-AR-N 4105 compliant network and system protection (NS-Protection) that can withstand single faults.


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Grid Measurement Module 

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