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The GMP232/x enables the safe, reliable and fast measuring of all relevant values for three-phase electrical networks. It also provides a number of monitoring functions for generator and grid protection. Up to two circuit-breakers/trip circuits are triggered by the module directly via relay outputs. The continuous monitoring of grid harmonics up to the 50th harmonic can be used for direct responses as well as for evaluating the power quality.

The module is provided with an integrated real-time data recorder for the high-precision recording of up to 24 measuring channels during alarm/protection events. Error events are recorded continuously and stored permanently with a high resolution time stamp. The internal time base of the module can be synchronized to an external time source (e.g. IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol), which supports the analysis of the data from geographically separated measurement and protection devices.

The GMP232/x is fully integrated in the Bachmann SolutionCenter. Configurations can be created simply and stored for later reuse. Both the measured channel values and also the derived values are made available directly in the user interface. Commissioning and fault analysis are simplified with tabular, vector and time sequence displays. Event logs and recorded time sequences can be exported in CSV resp. COMTRADE format. The integrated simulation function simplifies the configuration of protection and monitoring functions.



  • Measurement of current, voltage, frequency, power, power factor, phase angle
  • True RMS and fundamental RMS, symmetrical components
  • High dynamic measurement
  • Measurement of grid harmonics up to the 50th (PQ)
  • Monitoring functions for grid and generator protection
  • Direct relay outputs for circuit-breaker/trip circuits
  • Integrated real-time data recorder
  • Integrated event logging
  • 4Q energy counter
  • Integrated average values, grid statistics
  • Measured value simulation

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