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The GM260 module enables the safe, reliable and fast measuring of all relevant values for three-phase electrical networks. Two separate three-phase branches can be measured if there is a common voltage measuring point. The grid variables are calculated online in the module as True RMS values including harmonics up to the 40th harmonic. This is particularly useful for applications such as for operational measurement on machines or the energy monitoring in plants and buildings. As well as functions for determining the active, apparent and reactive power for each phase, two separate 4-quadrant energy counters are directly integrated in the module.

The GM260 module is fully integrated in the Bachmann SolutionCenter. Both the measured channel values and also the derived values are made available directly in the user interface.



  • Measurement of current, voltage, frequency, power, power factor, phase angle
  • Direct connection to input voltages up to 480 VL-L, RMS
  • True RMS calculation online
  • 2 independent 4Q energy counters
  • Compact design for 2 three-phase branches

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