The OT1200 and OT1300 series of operator terminals from Bachmann electronic provide operating devices in a wide range of performance classes. 

The web terminals of the OT1200 product line are particularly suitable for web visualizations, such as M1 webMI pro. The Advanced class OT1300 series, with the latest Intel processors and integrated solid state disk (SSD) is ideal for applications requiring high performance together with a shallow mounting depth and a range of different screen diagonals. 

In conjunction with the atvise® products M1 webMI pro and atvise® hmi, visualizations can be implemented quickly and simply for all device series. The consistent use of industry standard components guarantees long-term availability and thus investment security in all projects.

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Operator Terminals

Product overview

OT1300 Operator TerminalLarge selection of screen diagonals, performance classes and mass storage options ensures an optimum price performance ratio
OT1200 Web TerminalWeb Terminals are the ideal choice for small and medium web visualizations
Operator Terminal SystemsoftwareOperator terminals use system software comprising the operating system (Linux or Windows Embedded) and additional Bachmann software components