All operator terminals use system software comprising the operating system (Linux or Windows Embedded) and additional Bachmann software components. 

The Bachmann software components simplify configuration, commissioning and diagnostics locally on the device and remotely via a web browser or the SolutionCenter. Furthermore, the system software provides the option of importing updates and accessing the device interfaces from a visualization. 

Additional useful services and software packages are preinstalled on the operating system in order to reduce the development time for common application scenarios. Thus, web-based visualization solutions such as M1 webMI pro and atvise SCADA are very easy to set up. The integrated browser is tailored to industrial applications and offers, among other things, an on-screen keyboard (comparable with a smartphone) for user inputs. 

The system software can be extended and adapted to suit your needs if required and is supplied from the factory customized with the terminals.


Operator Terminal Systemsoftware

Operator Terminal Systemsoftware EN
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Operator Terminal Systemsoftware EN
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Operator Terminal Systemsoftware DE

System overview