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10.09.2020 | Neuigkeiten

Bachmann hosts Vice Chancellor Kogler

Feldkirch, Austria - September 11, 2020

On Wednesday 9th September 2020, Bachmann was pleased to welcome the Austrian Vice Chancellor Werner Kogler to our Feldkirch headquarters. Kogler was accompanied by Vorarlberg state ministers Johannes Rauch and Katharina Wiesflecker, along with Feldkirch city councillor Marlene Thalhammer.

Bachmann CEO Bernhard Zangerl presented a selection of company highlights, including our recent order fulfilment success. Every Bachmann product is manufactured in-house in Feldkirch, which enabled us to maintain full-time production throughout the lockdown. We are therefore celebrating the most successful months in Bachmann’s 50-year history.

However, since March 2020 we have maintained strict social distancing rules, and all staff who could work from home did so during the lockdown period.

The visitors were particularly interested in our experience of the local job market and availability of qualified staff. Although Vorarlberg boasts a strong community of technical expertise, we continue to notice a general shortage of hardware developers.

When it comes to the next generation, however, the outlook is extremely positive. Since 2015, we have doubled the size of our apprenticeship program and were recently re-awarded the stamp of “Excellent Educational Center” by the Vorarlberg state government.

“Hidden champion meets innovator. Following the visit from Vice Chancellor Kogler, it remains to be seen who will occupy which role,” says Bernhard Zangerl, “One thing is certain, however; both the political growth of the Greens, and the corporate growth of Bachmann electronic, show that success can only be achieved through a holistic mindset - especially in times of COVID and global market dynamics.

Both parties have long since emerged from the shadows as a "hidden champion". As an “innovation leader”, you have to lead the way when it comes to climate change and social responsibility. But this leadership requires a deeper understanding of the role of economy and globalization for building the foundations of economic stability.”

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